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Part 3~Extreme Heat at WTC 7 By Ann Vandersteel of the Zelenko Report

In Part 3 below,

Ann Vandersteel Interview of RG911 Penetrates to a Million Conservatives

Collaboration of Richard Gage and Ann Vandersteel of the Zelenko Report.

Ann Vandersteel continues her controversial commitment to bring out the whole body of WTC forensic evidence of 9/11 — in great detail. This series will take me about 6 or 7 episodes to complete. It is the most comprehensive presentation I’ve ever done on an interview series. So be sure not to miss any of them if you really want to know all the WTC details.

In this episode we go way deeper than we normally have the opportunity in a radio/podcast interview into the mysterious “collapse” of the third World Trade Center Skyscraper on 9/11 – Building 7. We look for forensic evidence found in the bowels of the smoldering pile of what use to be a building.

We look for evidence of pyroclastic-like flow, evidence of extreme heat (like 3,000 degrees F not accountable in the official narrative), evidence of melted steel and molten iron, evidence of ignited and unignited incendiaries in the blanket of powdered concrete that lay over the entire area of lower Manhattan – all the information that was suppressed from public awareness by the government and mainstream media. But you’ll see it all in this episode.

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Part 4…….coming soon

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