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Police warn of an active shooter at mall in El Paso, Texas

August 3, 2019

3 P.M. UPDATE: Mayor’s aide and police say multiple people were killed in an attack at an El Paso, Texas, shopping complex.

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Police in the Texas border city of El Paso rushed to a shopping mall on Saturday in response to reports of shooting.

The department tweeted that there could be multiple active shooters in or near the Cielo Vista Mall and asked the public to stay away. The mall complex is near Interstate 10 and on El Paso’s east side.

Police haven’t said whether anyone had been shot, though there were unconfirmed reports of multiple victims.

Further details weren’t immediately available.

El Paso, which has about 680,000 residents, is in West Texas sits across the border from Juarez, Mexico.

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      I pray for God’s blessing in all of this

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      Excellent Article! May God watch over Our Great President and may we all see true justice!!

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      Most ppl Muellers age don’t do unlawful things as in their younger years.

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