Proof The Pandemic Was Planned With a Purpose

Aug. 9, 2021

Unite Our Research, Our Resources and Our Revelations To Fight Against a Tyrannical World-Wide Government

By: C-VINE News Network
Aug. 9, 2021

In an unthinkable revelation, more and more people are waking to the truth: The pandemic was planned and set against the world population. But why? has collected credible information to answer this perplexing question. Does it really just boil down to money and power? Who is behind it?

Lockdowns were used to destroy the middle class and small businesses, and plunge humanity in poverty. Then the globalist solution would be offered: cancellation of all debt in return of giving up all private possessions. The world will be given a basic income. That is called the Great Reset, or Build Back Better. Wasn’t that Biden’s campaign slogan?

These articles reveal the dark reasons behind the PLAN-demic as many call it.

Could it be that the fanned hatred for TRUMP through Mainstream and Social media was really a terrified fear of being exposed?

The dark powers that be will not stop moving their agenda forward until they have either reached their goal of depopulation and power or until Americans and citizens of the world ban together to stop them.

Please be informed. Please scroll down through this website:  Please research every angle. We must know our rights and be willing to defend our rights, because if we do not, our rights hold no power.

News Posted by: C-VINE Citizen Journalists. 

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