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STUNNING NEW 1776 Commission Takes Historic and Scholarly Step to Restore Understanding of the American Founding

January 19, 2021

Leonard Bacani is a retired Santa Ana Police Officer and the Founder of HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES, INC. headquartered in Southern California. HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES, INC. is a Private InvestigationPrivate Security firm and State Authorized Training Facility. Contact Leonard at LBacani@hssinc.us for assistance or call the office: (714) 865-1135.      Website: http://www.homelandsecurityservices.com

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Valli Hart is a journalist and writer, headquartered in Los Angeles who has been awarded Best TV Commercial Writer of the Year. Valli’s family came to America on the Mayflower and landed in Plymouth, still lives in Plymouth, and helped write the original Mayflower Compact, which was a pre-cursor to our Constitution. With a pedigree of such great patriots (and writers), Valli is a passionate Patriot who says she’s compelled to fight for what’s right because “her Great-great-great etc. Grandmother is watching.”

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