The US Constitution lost in the Politics

Elizabeth Weidner, September 3, 2022

How often have any of us sat around the table discussing the US Constitution?   The very document that protects both our private property from each other and meant to keep the government in check.

This answer, unfortunately, is never. 

However, the less we talk about it and the less our government-run “learning” institutions teach it to our youth, the more we realize that it is all part of the plan.

While the government grows stronger, larger, and more powerful over the people, the people know less and less about their government, constitution, and it’s amazing history.  Purposely dumbing down the citizenry in order to do what it wants with no resistance has been the plan all along.  As long as people do not know or realize what the government is doing, which is completely against and outside the US Constitution, they will not question the “authority” and resist.


The Constitution can function alone WITHOUT the government.  Yes, it can.  It is complete with the laws that the citizens must respect and abide by.

Now, as mentioned above, modern education has not been kind to the Constitution and students are becoming more and more unaware of what the Constitution is and far less what it needs to do what it does.  The very history of our founding fathers has been watered down and spun with a bitter slant.  Education and our history need to be resurrected back to the truth ASAP!  The proof of this writer’s opinion would be who are in the riots, setting fires, and all kinds of violence in our streets at the beckon call of the political bad actors and the mass media.

As we have seen, the people coming out of our colleges and universities are ignorant of what government is and what it isn’t. Many feel that the government should be giving them healthcare, unemployment, jobs, insurance, housing, and free food.

This is JUST not at all correct.

There are two specific pieces of work that are and always will be timeless and should be heeded:  The holy Bible and the US Constitution.

Both share two basic sentiments, the love of and the disciplinary needs of human nature.  The founding fathers all were raised with the Bible in their everyday life.  Within their school lessons and family life, God’s word was intertwined into every thread of their being so that when they put their heads together in designing our country, it only made sense that God’s words, wisdom, and love was also inserted into the design.

With this wisdom, they knew that without these two works, there would be no way peace could be established in the country.  Each colonist family needed a way of protection from each other in a way that would bring respect for each other’s property.  There also needed to be a way of making sure there were checks and balances from the larger aspect of life, the leadership.  The fathers knew that power, control, and greed is instinctive and without a way to keep it in check, tyranny would quickly be the life in America.

As James Madison so wisely said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

May God Bless America

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