Today’s Rant: I’m Done Giving Power to Diversions!

August 17, 2023 ~ OPINION

For the last couple weeks, I’ve taken a mini sabbatical in order to evaluate my surroundings and gain situational awareness.

My time of evaluation, helped me to realize how much I was misdirected!

It’s amazing how continuous diversions can eventually knock you off your path. Stopping to gain perspective is necessary on any journey.

When you are constantly dodging or managing your life because of external forces throwing various projectiles of circumstances in your direction… it’s time to take pro-active measures. Do you endure the bombardment, or is there a better way?

Remember that stagnation, is death.

Life is ever changing. Always. The Seasons will continue to evolve. “And this too shall pass”. There is not any place on earth where Spring or Winter is eternal. Nothing stays the same.

We all have been given free will. The ability to choose during this season. What do you need to do or prepare during this time? What does the terrain call for? Adjust accordingly.

The choice is yours right now. Either choose to stay and build protective measures, or move out of the way. Sometimes a simple or small change in direction is all that’s needed. Who is in control? Someone else’s choices, or your’s?

Obstacles are illusions that shouldn’t be given power. Walk around, through, or climb over a temporary diversion.

Move toward your chosen destination on the path YOU choose.

The obstacles in the road is not given power. Nor should diversions. You already know this! Every day you automatically adjust your forward momentum on small things. Do you stop and stare at the hole in the ground in front of you? Or navigate a different direction? How much thought did you give it?

Did you make it into a problem?

The Golden Rule is ever so appropriate here! “Do Unto Others ~ as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”.

All actions must be derived from love. In some cases… tough love. Stop inhibiting or giving away your God given power.

There is much ahead of you that is required. Your destiny awaits. You have prepared your entire life for this journey that will affect future generations. What you do, or don’t do matters.

Love yourself and others enough, to continue by being Pro-active, instead or Re-active.

The choice is yours, right this minute. Your choices matter to more than just you. They echo in eternity.

I now am back on the right path, and the road ahead is clear. The future is bright!


~~~ Linda Forsythe