Trojan Horse Enroute to S. Border Where National Guard is Waiting


As reported in Fox News: “President Trump has signed a proclamation to send the National Guard to the border immediately. He had already said on Tuesday, that he wanted to send the military to the border to secure it, until a wall and other security measures were put in place”.

Why now, (and at this point in time), would Trump take such strong measures?

Because he can see what is really happening.  And, thank God he does!

The Main Stream Media push in the past has simplified the Trump reasoning for the border wall as being necessary to stop the influx of illegal immigrants – and in this case the calling out of the National Guard until the wall is built.

Of course that is the obvious reasoning, but in my opinion, it goes MUCH deeper. Allow me to state my case…

While the original reasons for immigrants traveling to the U.S. borders for illegal entry were because of, “looking for a better life” – there are too many documented instances that have since turned the tides for hidden reasons.

Circumstances have silently and insidiously changed over time. And not just for immigrants here, but also in other countries.

Today we hear of a massive amount of immigrants traveling 1000’s of miles, in one large group, through the recently breached  southern border of Mexico. Of course they were not stopped.  The group of Immigrants originally came from Central and South America for the sole purpose of breaking through the southern American Border for illegal entry.  Excuse me???

It is one thing to knock on my door, asking for help. But another thing entirely to bring an entire army of people to, knock down my door , and force your way in – demanding that help.

Are immigrants and their terrible plight being used by those with a dark agenda?

So what has changed? Various deadly forces are now hidden among these otherwise benign, but traveling groups of immigrants looking for a better life. Sinister actors with dark and ulterior motives are using the unfortunate circumstances of the poor and oppressed, as a proverbial, “Trojan Horse” for entry to destroy our country from within. And, there are plenty of those bad actors on the American side of the proverbial fence, who are setting the stage for their arrival.

What is even more troubling to this chess player, is that these acts are being conducted with blatant, “in your face”  seditious and treasonous methods from some of those in the “Sanctuary Cities”. Yes, I said it, and I will say it again if you ask me too. I stand by them. Seditious and treasonous methods are being used to take down the land, elected officials were sworn in to protect. This land also houses the citizens who voted for them, and accepted their oath sworn as truth.  You lied to us.  You betrayed us. This state is now a massive mess since your occupation in government. This California citizen is pissed off and will be firing the lot of you in the next election.

Now, before there is a barrage of name calling and finger pointing… I want to make clear to those whose feelings I may have just hurt – Most Americans personally love the fact our country beckons and welcomes immigrants. That is how America was built, and why we grew into such a melting pot of cultures.  Our combined mutual efforts from American citizen families who arrived from all over the world in various time periods, work together, in a collaborative manner.  We are all contributing, living and fighting alongside of each other, in order to build up and protect our mutual homeland. We ARE the dream, called America. American IS the land of immigrants.

Unless you are an American Indian – All of us are immigrants ourselves. It is just a matter of when it began in our family line.  The commonality – is were are immigrants LEGALLY.

OUR home. OUR country. OUR Constitution and Declaration of Independence. A mutual agreement has been embraced, since the signing of the Constitution, from all citizens who are either legal immigrants or born here. An agreement or pledge, ALL have sworn to uphold. (Including the government servants elected to serve them).

Which brings me to the next point.  We all took this pledge until recently when the, “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag” was removed from our public schools. Do you know how many of our children know how to recite it now?  Go ahead and ask – I’ll wait……

Do YOU remember what this pledge says? I assure you, most legal immigrants who recently went through the process for citizenship, know the words.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

If your children don’t know what it says; then what does that tell you has been going on in our schools? What do our children really understand about their country? For that matter – what do ILLEGAL immigrants understand about our country? Our Constitution? Our Democratic process? Our laws? The mutual contribution process of all citizens? The oath, elected officials, military, government workers, and even public servants take?

In America, all immigrants, have gone through varying processes for entry. Over time, the processes of vetting, medical evaluations, learning about the laws of America, our lifestyles, and it’s Constitution have changed or upgraded, fitting situations of the time.  (The initial legal systems for immigration entry started between 1794 and 1890, when the Military Fort, in Ellis Island turned into a national gateway), In 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island. (Read about the history of Ellis Island Hhere).

The portal for entry has since changed because of size constraints, and the entry regulations continue to evolve with the current climate. Most countries have similar processes of what we have in place with America today.

Here is a critical question for thought – What happens when careful vetting and learning processes meant to help new immigrants integrate into the society of their new home are sidestepped? There are serious consequences, and these consequences are inflicted on everyone. Not only to the people who live in the country, but also to the immigrants themselves. Chaos erupts everywhere. Order is lost. Confusion.

Europe is an example of what can happen when controlled entry of immigrants are sidestepped. The ramifications of an influx of a large number of immigrants being allowed entrance, that are not “vetted” and “prepared”, (especially if they came from a very different culture),… is a recipe for disaster.

“Unprepared” is the key word here, because many people of varied backgrounds and beliefs, integrate just fine with the right guidance and preparation for what to expect… and ultimately what is expected of them.  The required learning of mutually agreed upon rules, expectation and boundaries for admittance to the proverbial Country Club is essential for a smooth transition. Keep in mind that ultimately it was prior immigrants who made these rules.  They were not made to lord it over anyone, but to keep civilization moving forward for everyone in future generations.

I mean really… does it make sense to enter into any major lifestyle change or location without information and orientation to what is entailed.  Would you want to enter without knowing what to expect? What the lay of the land is? Laws? Culture? Your expected contribution that everyone working together is also expected to make?

I can hear it now…. “But the people in Europe were refugees, and not immigrants”.

Okay – What is the difference between an Immigrant and a Refugee?

“An immigrant is someone who leaves their country – often by choice – and seeks residence in a new country. The fundamental difference between a refugee and an immigrant, is that refugees feel the NEED to flee their homes, whereas immigrants have more of a CHOICE”.

So, maybe the word “Immigrant” applied to those coming to the U.S. from South America and Mexico in mass, are really refugees? Have they been escaping a homeland crisis? Or, are these two words just semantics? Think about all this for a minute. It’s more than past time we “think for ourselves” instead of being told what thinking is correct.

I see the difference.  I also see what has changed. Do you?

Well, let’s try to keep our focus here, because this difference could be a critical point for future debate.

The real question in my opinion is; “At what point is an influx of ANY foreign migration, too much, and will ultimately “swamp the boat” where everyone goes under?” 

That answer appears to depend on the speed of which the foreign influx is integrated into a society,… especially when neither have been properly prepared. Any fast moving large wave can swamp an anchored boat, where smooth and gradual slow wave movements are easier to ride out and absorb. Different energies can determine wave size at the journey’s end.

What if gradual integration isn’t possible?  What if vetting individuals who have probably long ago lost their records because of war, also isn’t possible?  Include a mental and physical health crisis because of that war, not to mention the usual mental and physical anomolies?  Then, add the deeply held cultural and religious beliefs of this group that is in direct opposition to what the hosting country employs. Any one of those could be a serious issue.  Add them all up together and you have a disaster waiting to happen – IF – you integrate without proper preparation.

Are you beginning to see where Europe went wrong? Read this sentence fragment again;  

“IF you integrate without proper preparation”.

We all remember the pictures of massive amounts of oppressed families, women and children caught in the middle of a war… people running for their lives from dangerous fighting inside their home land. Our hearts were breaking for them.  And, it was true they needed help from the world.  Most of those running would have gladly stayed within their own homeland and culture, if not for the terror happening to such a large degree on their own soil.

We watched the genuinely hurting refugees of families, women, children and elderly making their way to Europe for help – traveling THOUSANDS OF MILES, past a multitude of other potential refuge places.  (I high lighted that last sentence to again suggest you put on your chess playing thinking cap). If you were running for your life, with a family in tow and very limited, or NO resources – would you travel to the other side of the world for help? The question of why other countries in the middle east, didn’t open their borders to their own people and refugee brothers – has never been answered to this day. If I remember correctly… there was even a billionaire who offered to purchase an island that would be outfitted to care for these refugees until they could return home.  Why didn’t that ever materialize? That is something that shouldn’t be dropped. Think about why all of this didn’t evolve differently, that would have made more sense.

But, here is the really important part you will need to pay close attention too…

The problems for the most part that have erupted in Europe, aren’t from the small children, families, women or the elderly… are they? They are mostly from the young men that appear to be lone wolves or traveling in packs. Rape. Assault. Violence. Terror attacks.

Islam extremism is being rammed down the throats of the citizens of the hosting country by implementing Sharia law into “no go zones”. The very extremism that the refugees were running from… has been brought with them and are now infiltrated throughout Europe. This itself is in the process of swamping the boat. It already did in the country they originated from. Where will people run to again when this new boat is swamped? The people of Europe don’t appear to be saying much… at least that is what MSM is portraying. I find it hard to believe this is all being accepted without even a few questions being brought up.

Maybe, just maybe it is occurring to them that… the answer should have been to clean out Syria and other infiltrated countries of ISIS and other corrupted swamp creatures. The ones who overtook their homeland in the first place. Cleaning out the infestations the people were running from in the first place would have made much more sense. This way they could return to a clean home land and life would go on. But instead – the infestation of chaos was brought hiding inside the groups of desperate refugees, in order to do exactly what has been happening. Spread the disease.

That actually is what Trump is trying to do right now.  Clean and scrub out the infestations… create safe places and make the country habitable again for the citizenry who would love to go home.

So how does all that apply to America?  After all, the dynamics and culture are very different with the Central and South American immigrants, (or refugees) coming here.  Yes, that is true.  But the real question should be, “What is similar”?

There-in will lie your answer.

The similarities are not so much with the innocent children, families, women and the elderly looking for a better life as with the lawless who hide within or among them.  It is the wolves in sheep’s clothing who use the innocent and oppressed as a shield.  The hiding of trouble makers, murderers. rapists, child traffickers, drug pushers, street gang members, repeat violent offenders,  and the just plain, everyday opportunistic, implementer of chaos.

Here is the next item for the reader to deeply consider – The earlier illegal immigrants, who are still here in America AND are antagonists to a peaceful, law abiding society – are released out of jail and directly into the general population of law abiding citizens, after committing horrendous offences above and beyond being in this country illegally. Why would the rogue California government assist with keeping dangerous criminals here?  That question is almost too scary to ask. But very necessary to face. (Notice the word “dangerous”). I wouldn’t travel away from that question too far without coming to a critical conclusion. Because the answer is ultimately what you as a citizen are will to allow.  It IS your choice what happens here.

Why isn’t Mexico helping or offering assistance? Why did Mexico allow their borders to be breached in the first place? Seems a little reminiscent of the refugees fleeing the Middle East… don’t you think?

So why was Trump right  to employ the National Guard at the border right now?  Because we are being and have been invaded. Maybe not a full frontal attack, except from a very large group of “benign” women and children. The “Refugees” who are attempting to force their way into our country by any method they can – and ultimately by being used as a Trojan Horse.

The innocent, benign large group of people that many want to help, is a powerful strategy using a seemingly innocuous method, of eliciting sympathy for the down trodden, asking for help. ESPECIALLY from a Christian nation who believes… and in fact is taught to help the less fortunate.

The Trojan Horse is coming and contains within its interior an insidious, invading force, who when planted inside a coveted area… will stealthily await for the right time to rise up and join the cells already here, and attack us from within.

Heck yeah, Trump should employ the National Guard to protect our borders! The timing of these massive traveling groups is just a little too familiar and coincidental.

~~~ Written by Linda Forsythe

For those of you who do not know what a proverbial, “Trojan Horse” is – here is a brief history lesson from Wikipedia;

The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge the Greeks used to enter the independent city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war.



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