Trump Holds Massive Rally In Battle Creek, Michigan (PICS AND VIDEO)

While Democrats were voting on impeachment to make themselves feel better about losing in 2016, Trump was meeting with the people of Michigan at a huge rally in Battle Creek.

FOX News reports:

Trump taunts Dems at Michigan rally: ‘Doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached’

As the House voted to impeach him, President Trump gleefully taunted Democrats Wednesday night in a wild rally before thousands of supporters who lined up in the bitter Michigan cold to see him create one of the more stunning split-screen moments of his presidency.

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Back in Washington, House Democrats adopted two articles of impeachment related to his pressure campaign on Ukraine to launch political investigations. Simultaneously, at his “Merry Christmas” rally in Battle Creek, Mich., Trump sounded an almost-victorious note as he essentially argued that Democrats would rue the day.

“By the way, it doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump opened his nearly two-hour speech. “The country is doing better than ever before. We’ve done nothing wrong.”

“The do-nothing Democrats, and they are do nothing, are declaring their deep hatred and disdain for [the] American voter” with the impeachment process, Trump said. He called impeachment “political suicide.”

Here are some pics:

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Pete Kent@PeteKent01

“There is no crime: They call it ‘Impeachment lite’ . . . they have cheapened Impeachment . . . I’ll tell you one thing: tens of millions will rise up next year to vote them the hell out of office!”

President Trump at

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Nick Ponton@nick_ponton

.@KelloggArena is full. Fire Marshal said capacity would be just under 6000. There’s not an empty seat or space on the floor to stand.

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Here are some videos:

Carrie ❤️ America ??@carrieksada

Listen to this very woke patriot as we await
‘I am so sick and da’gon tired of all these people telling us how to live in our country…’ ???

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Jack Posobiec ??


Michigan Trump supporters chanting “4 more years! 4 more years!” in windy 18 degree cold, 6 hours before rally begins

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Dr. Marty Fox ??@DrMartyFox

Knows How To Troll Deranged DemocRATS

Every Single Republican Voted AGAINST

And So Did 3 Democrats@realDonaldTrump

It Was Bipartisan AGAINST

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Watch the whole thing below. Trump is introduced at the 17 minute mark and he walks onto the stage at the 17:45 minute mark:

By  Mike LaChance

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      October 19, 2019 So what will the fake news mainstream media do when it is revealed that EVERYTHING they’ve been reporting for three years is complete
      [See the full post at: It’s Happening: Deep State and Fake News Media Getting Very Worried – Durham to interview James Clapper and John Brennan]

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      It’s too bad that AG Barr’s statement will get NO coverage by MSM. Only their lies will be heard by the sheep, and they go blithely on their merry way thinking DJT is a crook …or you fill in the blank, as to their insults towards him.

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      I like the way you think, Leonard. Isn’t it amazing how Q can cut right through the haze of media manipulation and help us think for ourselves? I agree that the plan is progressing in a very precise and well considered approach. Naked truth can be very, very difficulty for most of us humans to confront. It needs some “clothes” on it in order to be socially accepted. We can become more “intimate” with it as we get to know it better.

      This movement is reaching people in massive numbers.

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      kekru, yeah it is horrible how badly the MSM behave. But, perhaps it is better that they keep doing what they do so we can see them for what they are. Sheep have no loyalty. When they get hungry, thirsty or sense that any danger is near, they will gradually wander from their inept shepherds.

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      Way to go team C-Vie… and Q team and a President Trump… clean that house and put in white hats!!??❤️???????????

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