Trump Signs Historic Trade Agreement with China – Here Is the List of Top Advantages from US-China Trade Deal

January 15, 2020

On Wednesday morning President Donald Trump signed his historic trade agreement with the Chinese government officials.

The left and GOP elites said this would NEVER happen. They said Trump was reckless and would ruin the economy.

They were wrong. Today President Trump made history. And the stock market is up at record levels too!

Historian Doug Wead, author of Inside Trump’s White House, told Varney and Co. that this is the greatest Sino-American event since Nixon’s trip to China.

Here is a list of a few of the top advantages to American workers with the US-China trade deal.

Via The GOP–
After years of America being taken advantage of by foreign countries, President Trump is putting America First and fighting for America’s blue-collar workers.

President Trump today signed a historic trade deal with China that commits the Chinese to ending their unfair trade practices and purchasing more U.S. goods. 

Additionally, the Trump Administration successfully negotiated the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal, which will create new jobs for blue-collar American workers.

  • The USMCA will create 176,000 new American jobs, including 76,000 jobs in the auto industry, and boost the U.S. economy by $68 billion.
  • The USMCA trade deal would increase U.S. agricultural exports by $2.2 billion and increase access to new markers in Canada and Mexico.
  • U.S. manufacturing workers would receive the largest percentage gains in wages, new jobs, and exports.

After years of Washington ignoring the well-being of blue-collar Americans, President Trump is putting them first.

  • Wages have grown near or stronger than 3% for the past 22 months, and low-income workers are seeing the biggest wage gains.
  • Before this Trump-led wage growth streak, wage gains had not exceeded 3% in more than a decade.
  • The historic job market and record-low unemployment rate is finally benefiting less-educated and less-skilled Americans “who’ve missed out on other, weaker recoveries.”

Meanwhile, Democrats like Bernie Sanders are prioritizing their extreme ideology over America’s workers and threatening to undo Trump’s progress.

  • Sanders is pushing an immigration agenda of open borders, which he knows will drive down workers’ wages and cost Americans jobs and opportunities.
  • Sanders pledged to vote against the USMCA deal because it does not mention climate change, prioritizing the interests of left-wing activists over those of American manufacturers and farmers.

America’s blue-collar workers have a choice in 2020: voting for extremist Democrats that put jobs and wages last, or voting for a President with a proven record of putting American workers first. 



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