UPDATE: Office of Unhinged NY Attorney General Letitia James Linked to Nicki Haley’s Leaked Donor List

By Jim Hoft  August 27, 2022   Gateway Pundit

A leaked document was released to the liberal media that listed Nikki Haley’s secret donors list.

The document was likely leaked by the IRS to embarrass Haley and out her donors.

The document shows Haley took money from some of the GOP’s biggest donors — including Paul Singer and Miriam Adelson and at least one Democrat donor.

The donations went to Haley’s nonprofit policy advocacy group, Stand For America.


Ambassador Haley was understandably outraged by this disclosure and insisted it was a criminal act.


Now this…
Ambassador Haley tweeted out on Saturday that the the leaked IRS documents went through the New York State Attorney General’s office —

All roads lead to crackpot Letitia James.


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