VERITAS: Fake News Exposed AGAIN!

May 6, 2020
C-VINE Fully Vetted for accuracy

“THE FAKE NEWS Has Reached an All-time High!” – President Trump

Read all about it!  Read all about it!  Fake News!  Fake News!

Comes to you daily, compliments of the Main Stream Media!


  1. Wow. Well done! I recall CBS News Anchors, whom I thought regional, resigned publically, on the news show, because they wanted to explain to their followers why they disappeared. They had been prevented from actually reporting for years. When they brought research and news to the station, it would be set aside and a script would be provided. Sometimes they knew it was false, sometimes not. They acknowledged that they’d be blacklisted from investigative journalism, and perhaps all journalism opportunities, but after much thought, and stress, they decided to move forward with the very public resignation. They had told no one of their plans for fear of disappearing, not just from the news hour, but permanently. And when they just could not do it anymore; they did most of the news one night; put down their papers; and told their story, and walked off the stage. What surprised me, was there was no cut to commercial. It made me question whether it was real, but they didn’t return. I had quit watching the news a few years before, but my husband still did, and I happened to walk in during their resignation. This was … 2000 – 2004 ish if memory serves correctly.

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