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9/11 Military Tribunal Transcripts June 2019~CVINE ANALYSIS~Rulings of Suppression


Following is a Report of the KSM et al Military Tribunals for the Month of June 17 – 21. Video Analysis Included. Scroll to Bottom of this Report to Download the Transcripts of These Proceedings and Review Calendar:

In a previous analysis we created a report and video for the first two Open Session proceedings on June 17th and 19th. You may view that HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51KFZdziUsk&t=1549s

This report here and the attached video will cover the remaining latest Open Sessions on June 20th, and 21st PLUS provide a newly released, but redacted transcript from a Closed Proceeding for March 26th with critical information.

But before we give you the analysis, be aware of the following…

Who Attended the June Sessions LIVE?

C-VINE Volunteer, Bonnie Nirgude was our trained Citizen Journalist who attended the LIVE proceedings at Fort Meade at her own expense paying for Airfare, Lodging and Food.

Usually Leonard Bacani and I are the ones who travel across the country from California to Ft. Meade in Baltimore, Maryland at our own expense to stay the week to cover the proceedings for you. The proceedings are streamed LIVE via CCTV from GITMO.  In addition, Leonard has taken a week off work each month without pay for the last 6 months.  Our C-VINE members generously donate to help defray our expenses, but after doing this since January… neither of us can afford it any longer. We do not have the luxury of MSM  who covers the expenses of their journalists as we are a Charitable Foundation created as a grass-roots movement for We the People.  No Advertising AND we are not monetized.

MSM has not covered these Military proceedings even once.  Therefore, it has only been us and periodically the Miami Herald.

This time we trained two of our C-VINE Volunteers (Bonnie Nirgude and Linda Houek) to go in our stead and they paid for their own expenses to do this for you.  They did a fantastic job!  We are so proud of them! (Linda Houek is not pictured).

In order to continue bringing carefully vetted news from our volunteers, we have created the C-VINE “White Hats Brigade” as a fundraiser to cover our expenses. Donate $99.00 once a year to become part of the White Hats Brigade, and we will send you multiple gifts donated from some of our members for this cause right back to you. We are all in this together.  Your gifts include a one week vacation, health discount card and a C-VINE White Hat! https://c-vine.com/whitehatbrigade/



  • DoD pushing for more locations to LIVE STREAM Tribunals, including holding them at the Pentagon or even Military Bases on the West Coast.
  • Defense Team continuing to question  whether 9/11/01 attacks should be considered, “Armed Conflict” in order to have the tri?als moved to a Federal Court. The consequences of that decision could be significant. They are pushing Judge Cohen to resolve that question soon.
  • How much does the U.S. Constitution apply during Court Martial during war times or in combat zones? Answer: It applies just as much as if it is a U.S. Military member during a Court Martial. The right to a speedy trial is taken away. Defense Team arguing it doesn’t have access to “Witness Information” because it is considered classified. A Witness in this case is an FBI or CIA individual who is a participant during enhanced interrogation of alleged terrorists and heard the testimony. It is considered classified information.
  • Three Tests of Punishment  as stated in the Cases of Brown & Garland to use as Precedent from 2006 and Senator Sessions. “All Rights Removed Before Trial and Taking Rights Away”.
  • Angry argument of Defense Attorneys, pleading for right of alleged terrorists. There was was 7 years of debate over trial to be held in New York or GITMO and the rights associated with each.  They state it ultimately is a jurisdiction thing.
  • Judge Cohen asks the difference between a Military Jury or a Civilian Jury. Swan says there is none and to let the Military hear it.


  • There was a surprising Network Internet Outage for a number of hours in GITMO that morning, stating the damage originated in Miami which affect Guantanamo Bay.  GITMO ran on back up generators during that period.
  • Closed Session Transcripts: Defense Attorney Connell, requested that 802 type transcripts be made available so he can study it. General Martins who was in attendance stated these transcripts were to be posted within 30 days of proceedings. 3 not posted yet from 1/29, 3/26 and 5/2. All were about al Baluchi.
  • al Baluchi wants government to produce witnesses previously hidden because of protective order #4. Prosecution argued for protective order #4 to stay in place. This order protects the identity of the witnesses. Defense argues, “How can we determine the credibility of a material witness and cross examine them if we don’t know their names”?
  • Defense also argued the the case of US vs. Ronald Hodge 1994 in Washington D.C argued on the issue of suppression.  The Court decided that Defense had been impeded. Ruiz from the Defense feels this case applies.
  • Judge Cohen states, Government has to provide witness list and stated Defense should work on what their actual concerns are v. trying to obtain background of witnesses and where they are from.
  • There are approximately 64 witnesses with the possibility of some overlap.
  • The restriction were brought about in 2017 but there is a 2003 memorandum; “FBI is to assist the CIA in debriefing of defendants and full cycle participation of enhanced interrogation.”
  • Defense argues the CIA witnesses will be critical and any statements made during cruel and inhumane treatment should not be admissible as evidence and any statements prior to 2007 should be suppressed.
  • The court is arguing (Prosecution  vs. Defense) for two areas of concern about suppression. 1) Names and identities of witnesses. 2) Information gleaned from the Interrogation of the accused.


  • Most of morning continued to discuss the importance of updating the DoD Calendar and all Transcripts (Closed or Open Proceedings) in a timely manner. Defense Team Member made a notation to the court that the Transcripts for March 26th were just posted on the DoD website.


C-VINE Editor Side Note: On Monday, March 25, 2019, Leonard Bacani was in attendance at Fort Meade to listen to the week of KSM et al Military Tribunal Proceedings at Fort Meade.

On that day, there was discussion about the FBI Surveillance that recorded 118 phone calls on 25 lines of “Terrorist Chatter” From April to October 2001. Through a voice linguist, they knew the who, how, what and where of the 9/11/01 attacks … starting 5 months in advance. 

Defense Attorney James Connell has been under strict court orders (Protective Order #3), not to discuss anything to anyone without the appropriate clearance as to the Source and Methods that 3 Letter Agencies used to acquire their information. Judge Parrella (Judge assigned at the time) ordered that the Motions put forth by the Defense Team, be conducted in Closed Hearings the next day on 3/26 because of National Security. The redacted transcripts of this hearing were just posted a week ago on the DoD website because of concerns by the Defense Team of why they were not available yet 3 months later. 

  • Listen to Leonard Bacani in front of the White house on March 26th during the Closed Hearing as he discusses what he heard the day before in Court:  https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/05/17/gitmo-military-tribunal-ksm-et-al-3-26-19-cvine-breaking-news/
  • James Connell (Defense): Request there be certain areas as follows (redacted) that are Classified, to become Declassified. Situations that do not discuss Sources and Methods of Surveillance. For example, one word changed in a paragraph, or reworded totally, could fall within the criteria for Declassification.It was originally redacted because a secure word or words were conjoined together with unsecured information. (Order from Judge Parrella; Issue Now Resolved).
  • James Connell (Defense): There are three aspects remaining that are relevant to this case for the Defense Team. 1): The “Security Classification Guide” is not made available to us. 2) There are contradiction in the 2011 classifications from earlier protocol, and 3) Parts of CIA being administered by National Programs which places a lot of fingers in the pie.  Who in that case determines what is or is not classified?
  • Judge Col. Parrella; How does any of this relate to your need for a Security Classification Guide in your original Motion?
  • James Connell (Defense): We need to know the scope of (Redacted). That’s the answer. Also the Classification Review Process has always been slow. Please speed up redacted classified info posted to the DoD website. Some took up to a year. Request better time limits. Connell then argued at length about the need for a Security Classification Guide in order to understand what words may or may not be put together.
  • Judge Parrella; I am not even aware that there is such a thing as a Security Classification Guide exists. How could they have a comprehensive guide with so many potential variables?
  • Argument by James Connell (Defense): Problem of with holding information for example, “Is al Baluchi a big player in this conspiracy? Could he be, arraigned as an “Accessory Liability” or require sentencing for a minor role.  How do I remedy this for representation if I don’t have an understanding of who else was involved? Of course you will say that who else was involved is not relevant.
  • Statement by Mr. Trivett: The main purpose for Top Secret Protection of Sources and Methods in attainment of Classified Information, is our National Security. We are protecting this by all means necessary and will not allow an ability to “chip away”. For example, the more questions, the more we discuss, the more things are shared by the Defense Council, who takes a little info here … a little info there; and pretty soon they have created an entire mosaic of the whole. Which ultimately means they will have an understanding of what the original source and method was.
  • Judge Parrella: Mr. Connell, we are going to have to take a brief recess because of technical difficulties here we need to remedy. Connell responded with, “That’s okay sir, I promise you I will also have technical difficulties that need resolving too at some point.” C-VINE EDITOR SIDE NOTE: Apparently this is a way they have of communicating a need for a quick bathroom break. Proceedings reconvened after 5 minutes.
  • James Connell (Defense): The process of “Protection of Sources and Methods at all costs: are getting in the way of a fair trial process of the accused.
  • Alarms from the cell phone detectors went off at this point. Turned out to be a false alarm.
  • Judge Parrella: Judge Poll (previous Judge) already ruled you have access to acceptable substitutes to do your job fairly.
  • (copied and pasted transcript section): MTC [ MR . TRIVETT ]: So Mr. Bi n’ Attash was not one of the
    19 hijackers on September 11th , 2001, and that’s not an
    exculpatory fact . Neither was Mr . Mohammad . Neither was
    Mr. Ali or Mr . Binal Shibh .
    Conspiracies have different roles for everyone, and
    when you look to the evidence and you look to whet her or not
    they’re entitled to discovery , you have got to tie it to the
    actual charge sheet and what we’ve alleged .
    Mr. Bin ‘ Attash had a vital role in the conspiracy ,
    but all but one of his overt acts is December of 1999 to earl y
    2000. What we have alleged in the charge sheet is that he
    assisted two of the first hijackers who were coming to the
    Uni t ed Sta t es to take f light lessons , and ultimately later
    became muscle hijackers; and that he cased U. S. air carriers
    to figure out how to circumvent the security to get razor
    blades on board so that pilots’ throats could be cut . The
    evidence at trial will show that he then did a casing report
    and provided it to al Qaeda leadership and that that was later
    used to train the hijackers.
    Who knows what would have happened if Mr. Bin ‘ Attash
    would have gotten caught, had the blade not made it through
    security , and whether al Qaeda would have decided that the
    plan would not work.
    So he had an important and vital role in the
    conspiracy, but for the most part, he was not committing overt
    It’s interesting that Mr . Montross would make his
    argument as to why he is entitled to it knowing full well that
    the case law we cited directly contradicts his position. In the
  • Apodaca and Scarpa cases — let me quote from the
    opinion — a defendant may not seek to establish his innocence
    through proof of the absence of criminal acts on specific
    Mr . Apodaca made the same argument that he was
    required to have all of his co-conspirators (redacted) and the
    judge noted — the court noted that just because he wasn’t on,
    didn’t make the evidence per se
    exculpatory or discover-able , and that ultimately there are far
    easier methods for him to make those arguments than getting
    (redacted) and we are not against that .
    23 If Mr. Montross wants to make the argument that
    he can
    ask the witnesses that we put on about that. If he wants to
    offer a stipulation to the United States, we will look at the
    language of it , and if it seems like it is accurate, we will
    stipulate to it.
    But they don’t really want us to do that. They want
    to put us on a never-ending quest for discovery. Just like
    Mr . Farley said, they are requesting things that they don’t
    believe exist, having us play go-fetch. It doesn’t work that
    way. It could never work that way. Cases would never get
    tried if it did work that way.
  • James Connell (Defense): How and when the FBI came across the understanding of who the individuals were on the phone line is very important information. Was it during the Enhanced Interrogation? How do we Cross Examine? Who do we cross examine? The government argued yesterday in Open Court that (Redacted) referred in the substituted evidentiary foundation did not come from Black Sites. That may be true.  I have no way of knowing. I can’t test that, but it may be true.
  • Mr. Trivett: The government has discharged our Discovery obligations.


  • Previous C-VINE reports created a report of the timeline of events having to do with the Las Vegas Attack as being a COUP attempt to assassinate Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman. Salman is authorized by the King now to manage his affairs and was named because of significant corruption in Saudi and was tasked with cleaning it up. A couple days after Las Vegas attack, Salman had a large majority of the Saudi government and large business owners imprisoned.  Most still are. Read about it HERE.
  • Those of you who are Q followers will also know what is meant by President Putin handing Trump a soccer ball after a private meeting they both had. Trump tossed the ball to Melania and said, “This is for Barron”. This all signifying that the proverbial “ball” is now in the United States’ court.
  • As noted in the Tribunal Transcripts of 3/25/19, there are 118 recordings of calls from 25 separate line taped 5 months before 9/11/01. Voices identified by a linguist and possibly additional means
  • Fox News Alert on May 13th having to do with 9/11 survivors and family filing a law suit in the State of New York in Federal Court demanding release of the names caught on tape by the FBI. Judge was to make a ruling that day. You can view that release HERE.
  • June 17th in GITMO during the 9/11 Military Proceedings of KSM et al, all seats were empty that were reserved for 9/11 family members and victims. Very rare. Only happened once before.
  • New Judges and Commanders of GITMO are replacing previous. KSM et al proceedings are moving forward in a timely manner.
  • The Closed proceedings from March 26th were just posted on the DoD website.  January 29th and May 2nd are still missing.  All have to do with al Baluchi and Suppression of information of various types.
  • June 13, 2019 UK Minister signs off on US request to extradite Julian Assange. Interior minister has certified an extradition order.
  • Bin Salman met with Trump 3 days ago.
  • Bin Salman met with Japan’s ABE earlier today.
  • Trump was the first sitting U.S. President to ever step over the DMZ into North Korea.
  • Trump promised a magnificent 4th of July!
  • Another emergency meeting was just called as of this posting today. EU security council has been urgently convened just after Putin and Pence have cancelled their respective events to head back to their HQ.  Something major is going on.
  • Last but not least, Q posted three posts on 6/27. 1) BE READY 2) FUTURE COMMS. 3) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. PATRIOTS FIGHT ~ Q

Is enough crumbs or pieces of the puzzle put together for you to start seeing the Mosaic?



Transcripts from 6/17 KSM et al Tribunals 
Transcripts from 6/19 KSM et al Tribunal
Transcripts from 6/20 KSM et al Tribunal
Transcripts from 6/21 KSM et al Tribunal


​Transcript from 3/26 KSM et al Tribunal Closed Proceeding Part I
Transcript from 3/26/ KSM et al Tribunal Closed Proceeding Part II

Initial Calendar for Week: (Changed as Noted Below in Report)

1. Preliminaries
2. Voir Dire of Judge Cohen

No session

WED 19 JUN Morning: Open
1. AE007I Viewing Sites
2. AE621 German Discovery
3. AE625 Bill of Attainder

WED 19 JUN Afternoon: (505h)
1. AE118N Security Infrastructure
2. AE530TTT Laptops
3. AE628B & AE630A: Witnesses for Suppression

THU 20 JUN Morning: Open
1. AE118N Security Infrastructure
2. AE530TTT Laptops
3. AE628B & AE630A: Witnesses for Suppression

THU 20 JUN Afternoon: Closed
1. AE118N Security Infrastructure
2. AE530TTT Laptops
3. AE628B & AE630A: Witnesses for Suppression



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