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And Then the Inspired People Just Said “NO” ~ The End

July 18, 2023

Don’t underestimate the American people, because the American people are the fruit, born from the seeds of the same hope for freedom their forefathers had.  Our ancestors came globally from every land. They escaped toward the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Their desire was so strong to escape serfdom, they bled, sacrificed and BUILT from scratch the land we enjoy now.

But is there a way to peacefully push back bullies, or those who feel entitled and view you as deplorable second class citizens?

YES! And has been achieved in history.

But true history is something that must be searched out for.

There was one man in our history that brokered peace and freedom for his nation, right in the middle of WWII without using weapons of bloodshed.

This was implemented and WON in the middle of WWII. A movement of non-violence was born and came together in a country repressed by British tyranny, filled with severe divisions between their own generational religious warring factions and “untouchables”.

While in jail, Gandhi read the essay “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau, a 19th-century American writer. Gandhi adopted the term “civil disobedience” to describe his strategy of non-violently refusing to cooperate with injustice.

Review the following short clips from the 1982 movie “Gandhi” staring Ben Kingsley and Candice Berman. You will quickly gain a glimpse of the plan that transformed a nation away from tyrannical rule.

Prayer and fasting https://youtu.be/DrDfvwCUcs8

It is time you left

The horses won’t trample on us if we lay down.

Not my obedience

The conscience of all mankind (funeral)

The Truth is the Truth

Teaching clip for non-violence.


Martin Lutheran King Jr. was very intrigued by what Gandhi accomplished, studied it, and the American Civil Rights Movement began.

It was through this movement that one lone elderly black woman was inspired to refuse relinquishing her seat and move to the back of the bus when demanded. She peacefully, but purposefully just said, “NO” and held her ground.

In 1955, Parks rejected a bus driver’s order to leave a row of four seats in the “colored” section once the white section had filled up and move to the back of the bus. Her defiance sparked a successful boycott of buses in Montgomery a few days later. Residents refused to board.

You can read about her history HERE.

But that was then, and these are different times and circumstances.  Would these tactics work now?


In fact it’s already happening in an almost decentralized, covert manner. Something never seen before! And it’s coming out of the silent majority.

Is something new brewing?

When they talk about, “The Great Awakening” I believe we are witnessing the fruits of that right NOW. You have seen it also.

There has been no fanfare, parades or breaking news stories about it but, but a unified, almost collective consciousness is evolving and picking up steam.

In a very select set of circumstances… sometimes the best course of action is not to give the tactics of a bully any oxygen, or play by their rules, on their turf.

No arguments. Just walk away with peaceful indifference.

I see this happening in unison through mass collective instincts within the population.

Civil disobedience.

No one organized, or put the word out to stop shopping at Target, stop drinking Budlight, or eating Ben & Jerry’s icecream. No one organized to stop going to Disney World or parents gathering at school board meetings demanding changes.

We the People (each as individuals) made a personal decision to act from where we were at.

No marching. No rioting.

Just a silent but firm, “No More”.

A simple and swift way to end a “Quiet War”.