How We Are Winning in the Midst of Fog ~ During a Quiet War

July 17, 2023

The fog of war has a way of causing those in battle, to miss critical aspects of their enviroment.

Situational Awareness becomes dulled and movements slow down.. We can’t see clearly.. Including the miracles and positive forward movements of winning!

We are tired and demoralized, by looking for things to happen the way WE expect them to.

Most are indoctrinated to be spoonfed the news, instead of observing it happen right in front of us.

This is a “Quiet War”…. Remember? A war where attacks are subtle.

Therefore, we have to focus carefully on the QUIET battles being won. But, that means we will have to pay attention and use critical thinking without distractions.

I feel you! I am emotionally dragging also.

This Great Awakening Business, is like being in God’s bootcamp and the training is brutal!. LOL! Ugh!

I guess it makes sense, if we are being prepared to win the ultimate battle… am I right? 🙏

Unfortunately, there is much, many of us have missed because of having difficulty seeing through our clouded minds. This includes noticing we are close to arriving at our destination.

Have you noticed how Obama and Biden have been trying to close GTMO down for years, but aren’t able too.. Why?

I do believe as Trump has already stated (in 2018), he wants to keep GTMO open for a bunch of bad guys. But the bad guys continue to cover things up, many remain hidden and act covertly. Read that again. You don’t want to leave any part of a Cancer behind, or it will come back stronger. There must be a clean sweep.

Remember the bad is mixed in with the good. It’s not ALL BAD or ALL GOOD. The tares are hiding among the good wheat. And the wheat is now being sorted for harvest time. Have you considered that?

Together, we are watching a global crime syndication at work. Remember how the CIA controlled Kim Jong Un and North Korea? What happened? Trump ended the Korean War and stopped the nuclear threats from happening.

AND he shook hands in the Demilitarized Zone for the first time in over 50 years. What did that mean?



Observe how everything is beginning  to come out.

Have you read the Canestraro Leak that was just released from a Office of Military Commissions Defense Investigator? The leak was highly classified. It’s huge!

What would cause a highly respected man in such a high position to toss away his career like that?

His leak proved that parts of the CIA/FBI orchestrated 9/11 with Saudi Officials from the old regime and it was backed by multiple signed affidavits from highly respected individuals. This went along with much else in the January 2020 Tribunal transcripts that laid out all the other CIA/FBI Transgressions going on since April 2001 (BEFORE 9/11), and so much else.

Plus 3,700 Architects and Engineers peer reviewed Professor Hulsey’s 4 year Forensic Analysis of the 9/11, Building 7 Freefall Collapse, at the University of Alaska/Fairbanks.  PROVING all three buildings were controlled demolition!

Most are focusing on the wrong things as is common during the last vestiges of battle because of being weary.. Your head may be dragging, but if you can find the strength to look up… you will see what is going on in Real Time.

Have you considered we are part of a Sting Operation? Globally?

We are being shown now, because the fog is beginning to clear. We became lost in the fog of continual psyops. Psyops and counter psyops. And we were taking the hits from each side. Maybe we could now choose to duck and get out of the way? Have we had enough?

Hopefully my words will suggest a redirection of what YOU observe and connect the dots like a good STING investigator along with your team of Private 👁’s

We are winning because the light is shining in the recesses of the dark hidden corners.

Exposure is nigh! And the sifting will begin soon.

❤❤❤ ~~~ Linda Forsythe