March 24, 2020        

Patriots Dig for Hidden Messages 

People-watchers acquire an amazing wealth of information! It is no secret people of all different cultures communicate in many different ways. The most recognized and most common form of communication is through the ability to speak. Additionally, we typically use hand gestures for added emphasis. Sign language is a recognized form of communication as are facial expressions, eye contact, negative or positive energies, hair styles, body language, accessories and wardrobe, etc.  If we did not have the ability to speak, we could still tell a great deal about a person. This comes as no surprise to us. This is human instinct.

Likewise, we who are awake, have learned some comms. (communications) from the Trump Administration. One form of communication recognized by Patriots is through wardrobe. We’ve seen our beautiful First Lady, Melania, ‘speak’ to us through her wardrobe, some subtle, and some not so subtle.



In a recent press release, President Trump, our Attorney General (AG) Bill Barr, and Vice-President Mike Pence, all wore blue ties. Were they communicating with the American people? What is the significance of the color blue?

The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and to the body.  In religious beliefs, it can signify Heaven, peace, faith and truth.

Were President Trump, AG Barr and VP Pence, communicating trust, confidence, truth, faith and peace to the American people? Patriots, ‘Trust the Plan.’  Perhaps, these blue ties are only a coincidence…but then again we know, “There are no coincidences.”