Attend Meetings And Events To Stay In The Fight

North Carolina Happenings  

Ebeth W.

Every state has patriots running organizations, clubs, and informative events that we should all try to attend.  I learned more than I would ever have imagined.  These patriots have me recharged and ready to roll up my sleeves and rejoin the fight.  I hope this article will do the same for you!

The weekend of July 23 and 24th proved to be quite educational. On Saturday, July 23rd, I, and a couple of friends travels to Sanford, NC to Lee County GOP office to listen to several grassroot organizations speak about what they have been learning and doing. One of these groups was 2CitizenMoms. These ladies have been working for the past 2.5 years on legislation, health mandates, and the illegal goings on from the Raleigh legislature. The mere fact that HB 103 makes us a class, classifies the citizens of North Carolina into groups that can be easily controlled, quarantined, or segregated in some way should put the fear in God in everyone.

That’s not all we learned, but it was my takeaway for sure. We also heard from a lady who writes on her blog, The Liberty Belle. She is a doctorate in political science among other things and a constitutional scholar. She has written a book and many more are on their way. She travels the state speaking to groups and basically anyone who will listen to her about the reasons for government, why we have a constitution. Many representatives she has questioned about the need for a constitution could not give her the correct answer! This and the fact that these same individuals did not seem to care about the why should cause all sorts of alarm bells to go off in the citizens heads!

We also heard from a few gentlemen working on medical and political activism successfully. Dave Resnick, PhD in areas of Expertise: AIDS, arthritis, cancer, proteases in emphysema and parasites, drug design, clinical diagnostic, and Intercessors for America, an organization across the country holding prayer meetings, etc. for our country, states and communities

Next, on Sunday, both friends invited me to attend an event at their church with a couple of national speakers, I agreed. The first gentleman, B. Chad Connelly, is president of an organization called, Faith Wins. His story is pretty amazing, and his mission is equally so. His organization works with the next gentleman who spoke, David Barton. Mr. Barton started an organization called, Wallbuilders. They have quite a success story in building strong Judeo-Christian voter turnouts. Mr. Barton tells us about the founding fathers and their families and even farther back to the colonists who lived and spoke through the holy Bible in their daily lives. President George Washington wrote his letters and documents with the Bible in mind. Our early settlers knew the bible cover to cover, it was in their marrow, their souls! He spoke about our country being truly built from the bible and our divine God. Through the years, we have fallen farther and farther away from our Bible foundation and so the proof of it is the condition of our country now. 

The biggest point I want to make here is that we need to get out and VOTE!! Go out and talk to people, friends, church members, let them know that they are needed, desperately. With the process not changed at all, we also need to insist that those we talk to vote IN PERSON, ON ELECTION DAY! 

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