Jesus Heals!

August 4, 2022 

Jesus Heals

God can heal in any number of ways, but His methods do not always make sense to the natural world/mind.

The examples given in the Bible on how to receive healing from God, require prayer, faith, and obedience to His Word.

In John 9:1-7, Jesus made clay out of spittle and placed it upon a blind man’s eyes. He then told him to wash in the pool of shalom; he did and was healed.

What if some well-meaning individual had convinced the man that the trip to the Pool of Siloam would be a waste of time; would the blind man have been healed? I think not.

In the Old Testament, Naaman became infuriated when Elisha told him that he could be healed if he would dip seven times in the muddy Jordan River. When his servant finally convinced him to do as Elisha directed he was instantly cured, (2 Kings 5:1-15).

Naaman thought dipping in the water was foolish, even as some today consider it absurd to be anointed with oil, (James 5:14).

~~~~ Phil Ingram

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