BREAKING: KAMALA HARRIS DROPS OUT OF DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL RACE –Blames Fundraising Collapse, Whines She’s Not a Billionaire

December 3, 2019

UPDATE: Kamala Harris is dropping out of the Democrat presidential race, according to numerous reports. The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Devore was first to report.

UPDATE: Harris confirms, blames a collapse of fundraising and whines she’s not a billionaire who can self-finance.
Excerpt from statement by Harris posted to Medium

Eleven months ago at the launch of our campaign in Oakland I told you all: “I am not perfect. But I will always speak with decency and moral clarity and treat all people with dignity and respect. I will lead with integrity. I will speak the truth.”

“And that’s what I have tried to do every day of this campaign. So here’s the truth today.

I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life.

My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue.

I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.

In good faith, I can’t tell you, my supporters and volunteers, that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do.
So, to you my supporters, it is with deep regret — but also with deep gratitude — that I am suspending my campaign today…”statement continues at Medium

Original TGP article posted as news broke of Harris dropping out:

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) abruptly canceled a high dollar luncheon fundraiser in New York City Tuesday just hours before the event was to take place. The move came a day after a poll showed new entrant to the race former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg jumping ahead of the fading Harris, 6 percent to her 2 percent.

Harris’ lead operations manager resigned last week with a blistering letter criticizing her campaign.

Harris’ campaign never recovered from the hit by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) at a July debate.

NBC reported the cancellation of the fundraiser. Excerpt:

…The event, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday at the Paul Weiss law firm, was suddenly dropped due to what was described by the campaign as a “personal matter,” according to people familiar with the situation. No date was given for rescheduling. Donors were informed of the decision earlier Tuesday.

An invitation shows that the fundraiser was expected to draw some of Harris’ top bundlers, including hedge fund executive Marc Lasry, financier Blair Effron and Paul Weiss chairman Brad Karp. All three are listed as members of Harris’ finance committee. Also slated to attend was Citigroup executive Ray McGuire and music industry investor Matt Pincus.

Tickets started at $500 and went up to $2,800, which is the maximum a donor can give during a campaign cycle…

A copy of the invitation posted by CNBC showed it was scheduled for lunch time.

new Hill-HarrisX poll released Monday showed Harris collapsing to 2 percent support while Bloomberg jumped ahead of Harris and several other also rans to 6 percent support among Democrats and leaning Democrats. Bloomberg’s rise puts him withing striking distance of overtaking South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen (9%) and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (10%).

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the poll at 31% support, over double that of second place Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 15% followed by Warren, Buttigieg and Bloomberg.

Support for Harris peaked in early summer at 15 percent following a well-received June debate performance. Harris’ nosedive started when Rep. Tulsi Gabbard dismantled her over her record as a state prosecutor and attorney general in California at a follow-up debate in July.


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      October 19, 2019 So what will the fake news mainstream media do when it is revealed that EVERYTHING they’ve been reporting for three years is complete
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      It’s too bad that AG Barr’s statement will get NO coverage by MSM. Only their lies will be heard by the sheep, and they go blithely on their merry way thinking DJT is a crook …or you fill in the blank, as to their insults towards him.

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      I like the way you think, Leonard. Isn’t it amazing how Q can cut right through the haze of media manipulation and help us think for ourselves? I agree that the plan is progressing in a very precise and well considered approach. Naked truth can be very, very difficulty for most of us humans to confront. It needs some “clothes” on it in order to be socially accepted. We can become more “intimate” with it as we get to know it better.

      This movement is reaching people in massive numbers.

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      kekru, yeah it is horrible how badly the MSM behave. But, perhaps it is better that they keep doing what they do so we can see them for what they are. Sheep have no loyalty. When they get hungry, thirsty or sense that any danger is near, they will gradually wander from their inept shepherds.

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