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Commentary ~ Paradise Lost? A Necessary Cleansing is Coming for Us All

February 5, 2021

“We are being prepared for a season of abundance, by way of the pain of cleansing.”

In other words, we will heal and thrive after the putrid infestation of wrong thinking and action is purged.

As you know, any type of purging can be uncomfortable for a season.


A spiritual cleansing.

But, fear not, because we will be released from bondage.

There are thoughts and ideals we have yet to purge from our minds and actions. These are false gods that continue to be worshiped. Yes, even by the faithful Christian!

That statement may be shocking to some. It may or may not be relevant to you and the truth will only come through with self examination.

What do you continue to hold onto for your security?

A habit? Ideal? Person or thing?

Do you hold back from doing God’s will, because of a fear of loss? A loss that man holds over you?

Until we cleanse ourselves of that lie and surrender completely to the Lord’s will ~ until we lay in complete submission and depend on HIM, we will continue to lose that which will only rust or decay.

Our true dependence will be laid bare ~ SOON.

* Loss of retirement?
* Loss of a job or business?
* Loss of standing in a community?
* Keeping the peace at the expense of souls?

Do you follow the dictates of God or men?

Are you doing or saying what God requires of you?

This is a time for self examination, because that of which you may be placing your faith, could be from a spirit of deception.

Yes, this may be hard to hear, but truly what did you think the Lord meant when He said; “Thou Shalt Have No Other god’s Before Me”!

Where does your treasure lay?

~~~ Linda Forsythe

NOTE: The above revelation came to me after listening to the attached 20 minute Kim Clement video. “A Time of Two Presidents”.