NewsGuard (Funded by Pentagon) Ignored GTMO Misinformation While Obstructing Forensic Analysis Reports

UPDATED 04/30/2023 ~ by Linda Forsythe

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A recent report was released about a left leaning, fact-checking agency (NewsGuard) being awarded nearly $750,000 from the Pentagon in 2021.

The initial revelation came from a “Twitter Files” release by Matt Taibbi.

The serious repercussions of this can’t be understated.

C-VINE has had first hand experience with NewsGuard that directly relates to GTMO and 9/11 News Reports. The following information is an eye-witness account 

NewsGuard has conducted an annual rating audit with us since October of 2020. This would include fact checking of posted articles and reports. Subsequently, they would inform us on what they deemed as “misinformation”.

It didn’t matter if we could provide qualified, credentialed sources included with studies and proof to back up our reports. NewsGuard made the claim, only approved government agencies had the final say. Eg: CDC, AMA, WHO, NIST etc. This statement was a direct quote given to me from Anika Slachta, who was conducting the annual C-VINE rating in 2021.

C-VINE had also been covering the KSM et al (9/11) Pre-trials held in GTMO since January 2019.  Source information was included with transcripts from the proceedings where appropriate.

During this period, there were literally hundreds of blatant false news reports being released about the happenings in GTMO we verified with the Office of Military Commissions.

We have yet to receive an explanation back on our queries to NewsGuard as to why they have never fact checked, these blatantly false reports that included American Citizens being detained, held, prosecuted and/or in some cases executed inside GTMO. After all… Fact-checking, is NewsGuard’s appointed purpose.

What does this have to do with GTMO or 9/11?

In March of 2020, over 3,500 credentialed Architects and Engineers had signed a petition as to the gross inaccuracies of the NIST report explaining the collapse of both twin towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001. (Building 7 was never hit by a plane, but collapsed into the same type of freefall as a controlled demolition). The twin towers collapsed in the same manner.

Professor Leroy Hulsey (Emeritus), conducted a 4 year study with a team of Engineers at the University of Alaska/Fairbanks. The study has been widely peer reviewed and demonstrated the inaccuracies of the NIST report.

NIST has yet to respond to the wide outcry, negating the legitimacy of their forensic findings, and are in the process of being sued by various 9/11 organizations, plus credentialed Architects and Engineers demanding answers.

NewsGuard vehemently objected to our publishing statements from credentialed pilots, or engineers that didn’t agree with the NIST report, or discussing the findings of the Building 7 forensic analysis from the University of Alaska/Fairbanks in our 9/11 Roundtable.

There are so many questions the world wants answered. Why couldn’t we discuss it?

One question of many,  is where will that leave the KSM et al 9/11 Pre-trials which still haven’t made it to Tribunal in well over 20 years? Would the 5 alleged terrorists, still be the key orchestrstors of 9/11, if three towers were controlled demolition? In the very least, it certainly brings the entire narrative into question!

When the 9/11 Defense Team in GTMO requested samples of the collapsed rubble for forensic analysis, the government response was to refuse, stating they had all they needed from the NIST Report analysis provided. The official Government refusal to the Defense is HERE.

In other words, even the 9/11 Defense Team couldn’t question the NIST findings by requesting rubble samples.

***Side Note: As of March 2022, the powers that be, are now in the process of negotiating Plea Deals for these alleged terrorists. They will be taking the death penalty off the table and given life in prison, if all plead guilty. The goal is to ultimately repatriate them back to their country of origin. When this happens, the 9/11 case will be closed leaving a multitude of unanswered questions. ***

The 9/11 KSM et al Plea Deals remain in negotiations, behind closed (Classified) sessions beyond public purview. No one knows what is happening, and the dead silence continues.

In the meantime over the last 4 years, the sensationalized click bait was eagerly embraced by a traumatized public who wanted justice.

Now over 20 years later, multiple proceedings remain in Pre-trials, and no closer to Tribunal.

Were these clickbait styled false reports a diversion away from the smoking gun of the Building 7 controlled demolition findings, demonstrated in the Alaska/Fairbanks Forensic Analysis studies?

But I digress… let’s take a closer look at the false reports of American Citizens being detained.

The OMC (Office of Military Commissions) has very specific regulations against American Citizens being detained in GTMO.

The following statement was sent to me from the Office of Military Commissions (Ron Flesvig), as the Rule of Law on who can be detained, tried, and or prosecuted there.

The specifics of jurisdiction (who can be tried at Guantanamo) below, from MMC 219 Edition:

From Rule 202 – (a) In general. Any alien unprivileged enemy belligerent is subject to trial by military
commission under chapter 47A of title 10, United States Code.

DEFINITION UNDER Rule 103 (a) (1): “Alien” means an individual who is not a citizen of the United States.

DEFINITION UNDER Rule 103 (a)  (29) “Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent” means an individual (other than a privileged belligerent) who—
(A) has engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners;
(B) has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners; or
(C) was a part of al Qaeda at the time of the alleged offense under chapter 47A of title 10, United States Code.


Ronald E. Flesvig
Office of Military Commissions – Convening Authority
4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 11F09-02
Alexandria, VA 22350-2100

(End OMC Quote)

Why is this detail of critical importance?

C-VINE sent a small sampling from many hundreds of previous false reports that touted American Citizens being held in GTMO, for NewsGuard perusal. We wanted to know if NewsGuard’s stance agreed with these reports being factual since there was no push back from them.

Why? Because no where, was there any documentation or rating from NewsGuard as to the veracity of these reports one way or the other. In fact the harbingers of these false reports have been allowed free reign to disperse misinformation unabated to millions across social media. The Office of Military Commissions has also directly verified the falsehood of those reports to me by providing their regulations as source.

Why did the Pentagon and NewsGuard allow this particular open road of misinformation, while obstructing honest discussion or debate that is our 1st Amendment right?

The consequences of NewsGuard lack of due diligence by their own standards, have falsely led the millions to believe Obama, Hillary Clinton, or a whole slew of politicians have been detained, tried or executed in GTMO.

NewsGuard receiving funding from the Pentagon, is a very serious allegation indeed, that must be answered.

The impression of propaganda being allowed without check, alludes to a massive government psyops against We the People.

The answer must come BEFORE the Biden Administration succeeds in completely shutting down GTMO.

Ultimately if that happens, the most horrific terrorist attacks in history, is about to be closed in a similar manner as the JFK Assassination case.

For those who are unaware… the JFK Assassination Case has been declassified after 50 years and the unredacted files clearly show the CIA was the orchestrator of the Kennedy Assassination. You may want to read that again.

But shockingly, there is no uproar or cry for justice. Nothing!

Except for the coincidental, massive lightning strike that hit the One World Trade Center Spire on April Fools Day, Saturday night. (Picture of strike supplied above).

It was also during April, the world found out that the Pentagon funded NewsGuard. In addition, the world received the signed report from the Office of Military Commissions Defense Team investigator findings,  which demonstrate provocative discovery of CIA/FBI officials in a 9/11 cover-up.

You can read that report HERE.

Last but not least… At the end of April, Fox News let Tucker Carlson go. (Fired)? There is speculation as to the reason… but he was certainly making a few people nervous!

During an interview post Fox News… Tucker had this to say about building 7 that collapsed on 9/11, but wasn’t hit by a plane:

The world is asking questions and demands answers. A discussion is most certainly in order.

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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