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Epstein Island: New Drone Photos Reveal “Temple” Dome Missing!

May 6, 2019

Who has been to Epstein Island? Bill and Hillary, for starters… photos of Bill Clinton and other familiar faces… flying on the notorious Lolita Express… This is normal life for these Elites – and it’s straight from the pit of Hell. Conscience? None.  Empathy? None.  

We provide these authentic photos for their historical significance. This intriguing, (clean) video includes factual information of Epstein Island and the wretched activities that we now know took place there, as well as the personal observations and opinions of its producer.

The fact that Epstein Island was a go-to “fun spot” for Bill and Hillary, says it all. Forget about the coy smiles, charming demeanor, and the gift of gab that embody many popular politicians, Hollywood, and the Elite. Soon, their smiles will turn to glares, their demeanor to slime, and their gift of gab to snarling. They are being exposed.

This video is an eyeopener.

BTW:  Why is the dome missing? More on this to come.)

~  Bonnie Nirgude’