Graham: Let’s Be Real. Dems Impeached Trump Because He ‘Exercised His Legal Rights’


“She’s Trampling on the Separation of Powers.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made it very clear he believes Democrats are pursuing impeachment against President Donald Trump because the president decided to exercise his legal rights.

Specifically, Graham cited Trump’s use of executive privilege and the desire for the courts to decide whether or not key administration officials, like acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, can be subpoenaed to testify as part of the Democrats’ impeachment process.

On Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Future,” Graham said he believes Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken “a wrecking ball to the Constitution.

“He cited the impeachment process and her failure to hand over articles of impeachment to the Senate as a prime example.

“This is the latest in a series of constitutional train wrecks orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi. During the impeachment process, the president was not allowed to have counsel present during the Intel Committee.

He could not call witnesses on his behalf,” he explained.

“He could not confront his accuser and now that he’s been charged with two articles of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi is denying the president his day in the court in the Senate and she’s actually trying to tell Mitch McConnell how to run the Senate.”

One of the issues Graham has with Pelosi is her attempt at trying to run the impeachment trial once the articles are sent to the Senate.

“She’s trampling on the separation of powers. It’s the Senate’s job to dispose of impeachment articles once passed by the House,” he said.

“It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s job. When it comes to Trump, the rules don’t matter to Democrats and that’s dangerous and sad.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman believes the Democrats decided to pursue impeaching President Trump specifically because he fought Congressional subpoenas by invoking executive privilege.

Graham called the Democrats’ move a form of “extortion.”

“What she’s trying to do is to get Mitch McConnell to bend to her will to shape the trial. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed?” he asked.

“…Democrats hate him so much. They don’t love anything Constitutional anymore. All the rules have been thrown in a ditch to get Trump from the way they impeached him to now denying his day in court.”

Graham said Pelosi will eventually send the articles because public opinion is stacked against the Democrats.

“You got the Minority Leader Chuck Schumer conspiring with the Speaker of the House basically to insist upon calling witnesses that deny.

The president is invoking executive privilege around Mulvaney and John Bolton and others,” he said. “They impeached this president.

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