HUGE: One of Many IT Heroes Uncovers Damning Evidence Regarding Potential for Fraud Within Dominion Voting Machines

A series of tweets by an IT specialist destroy almost any confidence in a protected control environment surrounding the Dominion voting machines. 

Numerous heroes around the US and around the globe are pitching in to offer their expertise to save the nation and our individual freedoms.  No American in good conscious wants a stolen election marred with fraud to stand.

One IT specialist by the name of Ron@CodeMonkeyZ has unloaded a series of tweets identifying major control weaknesses within the Dominion voting machine  environment.

Below are a series of tweets from Ron regarding the weak or nonexistent controls within the Dominion voting machines and applications. These observations are frightening.

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Ron first explains that he located a Dominion vendor user guide:

I found a vendor user guide with images showing how the Dominion 5.5 central tabulating software works and transmits results from your ballot to the county. Do you trust your election workers to copy and paste files and folders to USB without tampering?

Ron then asks:

Are your election workers being monitored during this process? If so, who is watching them take data from the tabulator machine, copying it to a flash drive, and delivering it to the county office? Is a proper chain of custody maintained?

Next Ron notes:

Pennsylvania Department of State requested a function from Dominion Voting Software to allow local “Operators” with access to “totally blank ballots” to examine, RE-MARK IF NEEDED and allowed, and then re-scan into the tabulator.

He again asks about controls surrounding the system functionality – are the election workers being monitored?:

Are your election workers being monitored during this process? If so, who is watching them take data from the tabulator machine, copying it to a flash drive, and delivering it to the county office? Is a proper chain of custody maintained?

Pennsylvania voters with blank ballots are being requested to send in their ballots to the RNC.  The RNC likely believes these ballots may be a problem or may be related to fraud:

Ron claims he could find any fraud within these machines and the process surrounding them if given the opportunity to review – he also has reached out to Rudy Giuliani:

Ron notes that there are absurd settings within the software which allows a local IT guy to totally influence an election:

Who is watching the local IT guys?

Another nine tweets from Ron were unrolled – they are frightening:

What we have learned so far from reading the Dominion Voting System manual:
1. Votes can theoretically be ignored for individuals if a straight ticket vote is selected. This setting could very welI enable “Repubiican”-style typo fraud. Many complex rules decide how the “straight ticket” option works.
2. Network Security is very weak since all software access keys use the same cryptographic pair. This gives plausible deniability to whoever potentially decides to mess around with voting settings. It cant be proven who changed a setting since everybody has the same key
3. Digital certificates are not protected by password, and Dominion user manual explicitly says not to enter a password. This enables potential for bad actors to MITM attack data traveling over network between precinct tabulator and central tabulator.
4. Cryptic “split rotation” function that features the ability to “force a maximum deviation”. There is no definition of a “split rotation”, so we cannot know what “force a maximum deviation” means in this instance.
5. Local IT guys have ultimate power to clandestinely change settings, thus having the ability to potentially alter an entire election. There are no checks and balances or observers of the local IT guy when he accesses machine debug and admin settings. Its unclear if logs exist.
6. Dominion is a black box with votes ultimately tabulated in a central server system. Who has access to the central server and where is the manual and security reviews of that server software?
7. Settings could theoretically have been changed during evening downtime on first night of voting. Much easier to change settings on hundreds of machines than to forge thousands of ballots. A couple of people could have done it quickly.
8. State of Pennsylvania requested semantic changes to the Dominion voting software, possibly to aid in their lawfare efforts. The word “Cast” became “Print”, obfuscating the moment when your vote becomes officially cast. For what reason is currently unknown.
9. There is an option to force the vote scanner to “overrun” a preset amount of ballots EVERY time anybody pauses the scan mid-batch. “Overrun” is undefined. Potential for abuse is high with this function, which was added shortly after 2018 mid-term elections.

Ron asks the ultimate question with the software used in the Dominion voting machines:

Again, Ron states the local IT guy who services Dominion machines has the power to decide elections:

Since everyone supposedly has the same USB key, if any participant loses that key the integrity of the election is lost:

USB drives were reported stolen in Philly before the election:


By Joe Hoft

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