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If You Follow The Money,
You Find Those Calling The ‘Global’ Shots,
If You Follow 
Those Calling The Shots
, You Find The Deep State 

By JoLynn Live
Sept. 2, 2020  (UPDATED: Sept. 2, 2020)

X22 Report (C-VINE Vetted) 

When the Deep State tried to impeach President Trump, they tried to get the jury information, Trump’s tax returns, and the testimony from White House Counsel for U.S. President Trump, Don McGahn. Absolutely, nothing worked out. 

Finally after nearly four years, President Trump acknowledged to Laura on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ that there are indeed people working in the dark shadows who are actually calling the shots for elected officials, globally. Anons have always called them, ‘The Deep State’ or ‘The Cabal.’

These are UNelected people who have told our past presidents, vice-presidents, congressmen and women, governors, mayors, judges etc., what to do and how to vote because of blackmail or payouts. They own all of the major networks of the media, choose the network anchors and decide what you see and hear throughout the day and night. These major networks and newspapers deny there is such a structure. 

They own the privately-owned Central Banking System, the very banks we use. This money and power grab has been going on for decades. You and I are their subjects, keeping them in power through the very people we vote into office. It’s nothing new, however more and more people are seeing the harsh reality of it’s existence… and how we are just their pawns for wealth, power and corruption. 

President Trump’s Administration has been tracking these people who’s names may have never been mentioned. HRC, Obama and others are really controlled by these who are in the shadows… the Rothchild’s, Soros and others. The DS is so desperate, they are now calling in death squads as we saw the last night of the RNC in D.C.

HRC called this, ‘NUTS!’ She is panicked because Trump is about to reveal everything!


If someone was in charge of a murder case and then realized the evidence did not stack up against the person indicted, an honest prosector would say to the judge, I have no case. In accordance with the rule of law, the judge would dismiss the case and everyone would all go home. 

In General Flynn’s case. the prosecutor realized he did not have enough evidence to prosecute him. He told this to the judge but the judge said, ‘NO, I want to keep it going.’ Even with no prosecution anymore, Judge Sullivan refuses to close Gen. Flynn’s case. Why?

We know Flynn was blackmailed (to protect his son from them). Why does the DS want Flynn to be silenced?  Flynn knows of all their corruption. If his case is still open, legally he is silenced and cannot tell the world why they framed.

The 302 memo will reveal General Flynn’s innocence. Trump is waiting for that missing 302, to be produced and to allow the people to see what is really going on. This is most likely why there has been no pardon for Flynn. Remember the people cannot be told, they must be shown.

Does Trump know where the 302 memo is? Does Bill Barr? Probably. Trump is always steps ahead of the game!

When people see this charade of framing a General to further their ego, these people will not be able to walk safely down the street. 


It’s not just about COVID or the riots, the people need to see how the DS plays dirty with two sets of rules; one for us and one for them. They push violence. They pushed a fake pandemic.

Without all of this, we-the-people would not have understood how deep and wide the DS is, how they have used us to gain their wealth and power, and what role we unknowingly played.  

If the left doesn’t like the political claims coming from Anons, they will cry, “Conspiracy Theory!” How many of our ‘conspiracy theories,’ have actually been true? Many, because we research, we have facts and truth.

Remember, the DS owns the media, telling newscasters it’s their job to instruct the viewer how to think. So, the media spins the truth in such a way, even Anons are left scratching their heads at the medias’ conclusions. Those who do no research have no ammunition to counter, are spun in to their web of lies and lulled back to sleep by the DS.


Last fall, if someone was to say, “In 6 months, a virus will hit the world, and shut down jobs for 6 months. Toilet paper will be rationed, shelves of beans and rice will be bare. The CDC will determine everyone in the world will be required to wear a paper or home-made face mask.  You will not be able to buy food, get health care, or sit in a restaurant without one.”

“All bars are closed. All movie theaters are closed. All schools are closed. Home Depot and Wal-Mart are essential businesses but Gyms and Spas are not, unless you are Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Sidenote: Salons are still closed in San Francisco due to COVID, but Pelosi, obviously placing herself above the law, patroned a San Francisco hair salon on Monday afternoon (8/31/2020) for a wash and blow-out.)

If the shutdown was brought to the attention of the people last fall, the consensus would be, “That’s crazy!  This is a conspiracy theory!” But now that the people have seen the truth, and not just a rumor, people can accept is as fact. 

This is why the plan of the Trump Administration of taking down the DS is carefully calculated, perfectly timed, and legally executed. The people must see in order to believe! 

A New York Post writer interviewed a political insider who admitted to committing voter fraud for years.  The insider confessed how democrats pay homeless people to vote in the Democratic favor, how they take advantage of the elderly in nursing homes and how they have fraudulently posed as registered voters. China, working with the Democrats, has printed up fake ballots using facial recognition of our social media sites, how the insider pulled signed ballots from their envelopes and replaced them with counterfeit ballots.

The insider said fraud is more the rule than the exception. The mail-in voting is a corrupt scheme that the left knows will get them votes in order to win. The insider invented the idea of bending a corner on the envelope and this would alert the ‘counters’ to not throw them out even if they spot irregularities.

What have the Patriots been doing since the 2018 election? They have been collecting all the information on voter fraud. [Cue] says the 2020 election will be safe-guarded. The post office applied for a block-chain patent over a year and a half ago.  The CDC changed their stats to 6% (but the media is trying to tell their viewers it really didn’t mean 6%.) HCQ was mentioned in March and if allowed to be used would clean up COVID in 30 days!  This is all documented and it is all relevant. 


The Russian Collusion, the impeachment hoax, Trump’s taxes, none of these things worked in the Democrats favor. Through these events, people are waking up. All the lies the corrupt politicians and corrupt news media have spun is back-firing on them!

The Democratic Governors and Mayors were told if they needed the National Guard to assist against riots, they just had to request it and Boots-On-The-Ground would clean it up within 45 minutes.  What did these Governors and Mayors say? ‘There are no riots. There is no violence.’ Now, look… it’s backfiring.


Why isn’t’ the MSM reporting their poll results from after the Republican National Convention? Polls missing are from FOX, CNN, ABC, Washington Post, NBC, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and many others. Why?

Are they keeping the polls from the American people because they are showing something they don’t want the people to know? Are they afraid people will know the truth; that Trump is leaps and bounds ahead in the polls?


The FISA corruption must never happen to another president! Bill Barr has taken the FISA abuse situation and is reworking the protocol. Everything is going to be tracked in a different format.  Soon, we will find out what that looks like. No President, VP, news anchor, judge, general, or citizen should ever be spied upon. Bill Barr will see to it that it never happens again!


Corruption knows no bounds! Those who have committed crimes against children are now pushing for the law to change. That if the victim is within 10 years of the perpetrator, then no crime would be considered. Think what this means for an 8 year old child assaulted by an 18 year old perpetrator!  

When it comes to harming innocent children, America will not stand for it! These victims are being found all over the world. The Trump Administration is shutting down the pedophilia and human trafficking markets around the globe. Thankfully, their horrific schemes are all falling apart.


People are sick and tired of the changes taking place in America. They want their old America back, the one they grew up with.  The sports industry is losing millions of dollars and ratings are plummeting because most fans are not watching anymore due to the infiltrated political biased. The owners and players thought they were more important than the love of country, flag and freedom. Fans are there to watch a game, not to get re-educated in ‘White privilege or BLM.’ 

Covid cases have declined by 38% over the past month. Iowa is going to allow 25,000 fans into their stadium for the first football game in spite of COVID.  Stand tall for country and our flag. As the ratings continue to drop and they lose money, and things fall apart, it’s good to note, the power of the Silent Majority speaks!

Shockingly, many governors and mayors who are locking down their states are in line with China! Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, made a horrifying discovery. He described the intelligence evidence that China is putting on a full court press against governors and local officials to retain their influence campaign in 2020!

Ratcliffe says, ‘Beijing threatened economic blackmail against U.S. officials who were comfortable with relying on Chinese investment and purchases of U.S. companies and other things.’ What we are seeing right now with state lockdowns by mandates of governors and mayors, correlates to China and to the Chinese Virus. 

In February 2020, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, gave a very eye-popping speech. 

Mike Pompeo: “I was being invited to the U.S. China Governors Collaborations Summit. It was an event co-hosted by the National Governor’s Association and something called the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship and Foreign Countries. Sounds pretty harmless.”

“What the invitation did not say, is that the group, the group I just mentioned, is the public face of the Chinese Communist Party’s official foreign influence agency; The United Front Work Department.

Now, I was lucky, I was familiar with that organization from my time as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency…”

Later in his speech, Pompeo mentioned that Communist China made a list of OUR Governors and labeled each of them as hardline, friendly or ambiguous. We have been watching how each of these governors responded to the shutdowns of their citizens during COVID 19. We see a pattern.

Here is China’s list of our Governors.

Hardline (Stubborn)
Henry McMaster (SC)

Andrew Cuomo (NY)
Mike Parson (MO)
Mark Gordon (WY)
Brian Kemp (GA)
Ron DeSantis (FL)

Kay Ivey (AL)

Doug Ducey (AZ)
Jared Polin (CO)
John Carney (DE)
Brad Little (ID)

Eric Holcomb (IN)
Janet Mills (ME)
Charlie Baker (MA)
Steve Bullock (MT)
Chris Sununy (NH)
Roy Cooper (NC)
Doug Burgum (ND)
Kate Brown (OR)
Bill Lee (TN)
Gary Herber (UT)
Phil Scott (VT)
Jim Justice (WV)

Ambiguous (Mysterious)
Asa Hutchinson (AR)

Gavin Newsom (CA)
David Ige (HI)
Kim Reynolds (IO)
Matt Bevin (KY)
John Bel Edwards (LA)
Larry Hogan (MD)
Gretchen Whitmer (MI)
Pete Ricketts (NB)
Mike DiWine (OH)
Tom Wolf (PA)
Kristi Noem (SD)
Greg Abbott (TX)
Jay Inslee (WA)

The question is, is there a correlation in how each state responded that directly related to their Chinese Communist Party alignment? It appears Pompeo has enough evidence to say, ‘Yes there was/is interaction between many of these Governors and China.’

Simply put, China applies pressure by blackmail to the Democratic Governors, to keep their states in lock down. Vote by mail is in place to allow mail fraud. Biden wins the election, hands the keys to China who locks the existing World Power (U.S.) in a cell forever. Now, China becomes the leading world power. America is so close to being sold to China and our elected officials are being paid to play.

But, Trump and the Patriots know this. This is why Block-Chain voting and ID is essential to a fair election. 


The DS players have been telling us for months that these are peaceful protests but when the poll numbers didn’t support them, they changed their story. They admitted there are rioters and violence but then they blamed Trump. Even Biden is blaming Trump for this violence.

But the day after Jacob Blake was killed, did Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi bring in the police to try to stop it? No! They called on their supporters to fight it. So now, isn’t it Biden and Pelosi’s fault for inciting violence?

When someone is asleep, or trapped in an illusion, the only way to wake them up is to show them, point out harsh realities and keep at it. People are waking up, slowly, but they are. People are moving away from the media and are questioning everything… 63% do not believe nor trust the media anymore, since COVID, a new poll shows. 

The Trump Administration has a method and a plan. Where there is a plan and belief in the American dream,  there will always be hope. The Swamp is deep, but the faith of Americans is mammoth in comparison. Stay strong, America, the best is yet to come!

Opinion: JoLynn Live, C-VINE Contributor (Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)