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Jim Jordan Confronts Schiff on the Whistleblower Identity

November 20, 2019

Adam Schiff, himself, has previously identified – in writing – and “outed” the Whistleblower.  Yet, Schiff denies knowing who he is, and is making an issue of “protecting his identity”.  Jim Jordan isn’t buying it.

Sean Hannity


JORDAN to SCHIFF: ‘No One Believes’ You Don’t Know the So-Called Whistleblower’s Identity

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Congressman Adam Schiff during televised testimony Tuesday; saying “no one believes” the House Intel Chair is unaware of the so-called whistleblower’s identity.

“As I indicated before, this committee will not be used to out the whistleblower,” interrupted Schiff.

“Mr. Chairman, I don’t see how this is outing the whistleblower… He said he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. You’ve said -even though no one believes you- you don’t know who the whistleblower is. So, how is this outing the whistleblower?

Schiff continued to deny Republican lawmakers access to any information surrounding the Ukraine whistleblower Tuesday; shutting down Devin Nunes’ line of questioning during televised hearings.

“What agency was this individual from?” asked Rep. Devin Nunes.

“If I can interject here. We don’t want to use these proceedings; we need to protect the whistleblower. Please stop. I want to make sure that there’s no effort to out the whistleblower during these hearings,” interrupted Schiff.

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