Lin Wood ~ The Ingenuis Plan to Destroy Our Military

August 26, 2021

“And we talk about Yankee ingenuity! Let’s give the Communists some credit for their ingenuity too!

What an ingenious plan to cripple the world’s greatest military force!!! Have your adversary’s superior officers jab the members of the military with a syringe filled with an experimental drug made up of unknown ingredients!!!


And it is even more brilliant when the Communists combine their ingenuity with the ingenuity of Yankee traitors.

Pray for the members of our military. They did not sign up for this. They signed up to defeat Communists and tyrants. Not to be controlled by them.

We cannot let the enemy prevail. RESIST.”

~~~ Lin Wood

U.S. military department heads were ordered Tuesday to “immediately” start getting their troops vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19, two days after the first COVID-19 vaccine received federal approval.

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers 

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers