Memorial Day ~ The Time We Remember WHY This Land is Our Land

May 29, 2021

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we remember the ultimate sacrifices those before us gave, so we could live in Freedom… in the land of opportunity.

They gave their lives, so future family and generations would never again have to live in the horrors of tyranny and be slaves for the benefits of an elite few.

All of their sacrifices may be in vain if the American people don’t recognize how we have been attacked domestically… by those who want to place us back under tyranny rule.

We are in the middle of a new war and we aren’t fighting against those who are stealing our country!

In this case, reclaiming what was fought and died for by our forefathers. Reclaiming our inheritance of what belongs to “We the People.” The land of milk and honey. The land of abundance.

This land is our land. Remember the words to America’s song? Here is just the first stanza:

“This land is your land and this land is my land
From California to the New York island
From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me”

Sometimes, we lose sight of what we have, when imprisoned. But it is a self imposed prison… because of believing those who mislead. They tell us to stay out of sight. Stay quiet. Don’t get in the way of them destroying our home. And, they do this covertly.

And we obey! As a hypothetical ~ If someone came into your house and told you to stay locked in your bathroom… would you do it? They could use your kitchen, have parties, and not do any upkeep, because the objective is to destroy your home. But when they “allow” you out of the bathroom…your face must be hidden for your safety and you aren’t allowed to get physically get close or interact with others for their safety.

Your Land & Constitution is being destroyed with your permission. Subtly and over time. But now time has run out because the enemy is VERY CLOSE to succeeding!

This is why C-VINE was created. To be that window of a reminder of who we are, WHERE we are, give encouragement, sometimes show hard truths and provide a map to navigate with discernment on a way out of Tyranny Rule.

But of course taking away our 1st Ammendment Right for Freedom of Speech, makes it difficult to achieve our objectives.

The fact I have to carefully choose my words on Social Media or even in the news,  should say all that is necessary! Heaven forbid you should become enlightened.

Facebook has gone to the degree of absolutely preventing us from sharing any of our website reports, deeming them “dangerous”. There is so much our following there is missing if they don’t visit our website daily here. Our pages or groups have also been terribly censored.

Here is how we are helping. We just sent out our second weekly newsletter today that includes a personal letter from me with encouragement AND the top 5, most read news reports.

If you aren’t a member, please become one.This is who we send newsletters too each week that will help the people keep up with what is truthfully happening.

Go too: ~ Sign in or create account on the home page.

C-VINE continues looking for volunteers. Our patriot goals are the same. We all want to enjoy the freedoms that are ours…

For those who can, we need monthly sponsorship/membership donations that is tax deductible for you. We can then continue on in this fight effectively.

Those who cannot donate funds…join the C-VINE Prayer Brigade on this website or even in the group on Facebook (the proverbial front lines in this war), because prayer warriors are badly needed. Either that, or roll bandages, cook the food, house the troops or do what you can to raise morale. This is literally the fight of a lifetime!

If you would prefer to just do a one-time donation go here. Click on this link directly ?:

Or send a check made out to
C-VINE International Charitable Trust
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Temecula, CA. 92592

We must stay together as a community and do what we can, with what we have. This is a labor of love. EVERYONE in C-VINE is a volunteer.

The donations help us to put the word out and provide resources. We still are way behind in raising enough for our regular AM 590 Radio show. The network that Dan Bongino broadcasts from.

We are neighbors helping & encouraging each other. Be a good neighbor.

This Memorial Day weekend,  remember those before you. Honor them… as we live in the land of abundance and reclaim our home for future generations. Our families are depending on us.

~~~ Linda Forsythe