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A Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protest? Really?

By JoLynn Live
Aug. 29, 2020 (Updated Aug. 30, 2020)

X22 Report (C-VINE Vetted) 

When the Deep State launched the BLM movement once again, they thought the people would be compassionate yet angry enough to blame the ‘protests’ a.k.a., the riots, on Trump. They believed if they fanned the flames of dissension long enough, voters would be afraid to go to the polls and success would be met through mail-in voting. But, it’s having the opposite effect.

This whole time, the corrupt politicians said these are all peaceful protests, that there is no violence, it’s all a myth, but the people see it. In Kenosha, WI, one clip was of a CNN reporter calling them ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protests,’ yet in the background, there were cars and buildings ablaze. Who would have thought the land of make-believe would spill over on CNN?

Finally, the MSM conceded and are calling them riots saying, ‘they have to stop!’  Biden says the riots are because of Trump, so they are admitting there is violence. Each time the people see inconsistency, more are waking up.

Their cover story is BLM, but it really gets down to the election. ‘At any cost, Trump must be stopped,’ they say.
However, that would be like trying to stop a locomotive!
Trump and the Patriots have been trapping the DS. At the onset of COVID, Trump ordered the two large ships; the Mercy and the Comfort to aid in the care of patients. What did 5 of the Governors do?
They re-rerouted elderly COVID patients to nursing homes where they were allowed to infect otherwise healthy individuals who contracted the infection and died. Why didn’t these Governors simply place these people on the ships?  Now, these Governors are being investigated.
Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, has resigned due to health issues. We’re seeing a lot of CEO’s, leaders and others resign who have been a part of the Deep State.  If Trump wins (and we believe he will), these people will know their doom. They are looking at the same polls Trump is looking at, not the fake ones reported by the MSM.
The Deep State/corrupt politicians know that their time is coming to a close.

Brennan met with Durham and allowed his lawyer, Shapiro, to report on the 8 hour meeting. Why didn’t Brennan just say what the meeting was about? Is it because he didn’t want to get caught up in a lie? 

He tweeted out, “Donald Trump is leading a dangerous alliance of right wing extremists… Vote them out!” If he isn’t under scrutiny, and if he did nothing wrong, why would it bother him to have Trump in office for 4 more years. If he did nothing wrong, it should not matter to Brennan, right?

Joe Pientka was a key player in Cross Fire Hurricane and the Mueller Investigation. Joe Pientka was supervisor in Cross Fire Hurricane. The CFH players were selected by Peter Strzok, and Intel Section Chief, Joe Pientka. Agents reported to Pientka who reported directly to Strzok. Pientka and Strzok trapped Gen. Flynn then lied about Flynn’s lying to the FBI.

Pientka has been called, The Invisible Man of the FBI and has been kept hidden for nefarious reasons. He was knee-deep in the corruption involving the Russian Hoax. This corrupt cop at the FBI was involved in the coup attempt against Trump.  His wife, Melissa, is an attorney for a company called Baker Hostetler in DC, which was involved with Fusion GPS.   

Joseph Pientka met for hours with the Senate Committee, behind closed doors. Does Pientka know about the missing 302? We have been waiting a very long time for that 302 to show up and it looks like it’s about ready to be presented.

Pientka moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in the summer of 2019, still working for the FBI. He bought his San Francisco home in May 19, 2018, which happened to be one year to the date when U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley requested the FBI bring Pientka before the Senate to testify on the Russian Hoax. The FBI declined. 

Pientka gets the O.K. from the DOJ to be interviewed by the Senate Judiciary right after Durham interviewed Brennan. Interesting timing! Then Pientka, after the FBI had tried to keep him hidden, testified behind closed doors. What will come of it? Remember, with the Trump Administration, there are no leaks!

During Trump’s acceptance speech, he said, “Remember this, they spied on my campaign and got caught. Let’s see now what happens.”

Regarding those involved; Clinton, Obama, Comey, Brennan and the little guys who are not running for office, the DOJ has the right to bring charges and there is no violation in doing so.

When people lash out, it means they are running scared. Brennan’s tweet reflected panic. HRC’s tweet reflected panic. Watch those who lash out. They are terrified of getting indicted for their crimes.

With no leaks, these people do not know what Durham knows, but we do know everything is back-firing on the Deep State.

The riots, the movements, etc., are not working in their favor.

The leaders in the Coalition for African American Pastors are supporting Trump in a big way! They believe many African Americans will vote for him quietly. CAAP President Rev. Bill Owens and his wife, Deborah DeSousa Owens said, what is disturbing and dishonest is that a party that celebrated America first black president now believes the U.S. is a racist country.

Rev. Owens who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights movement, said though poor, his mother’s instruction was, in order to get ahead, hard work must be at the center.

When he grew up, 11 people lived in 2 rooms with the water and toilet being outside. His mother’s sister passed a way so she took in those children. His  mother instilled in him the importance of getting an education. So in this country with riots so being so bad, he learned skills which enabled him to be successful.

He was taught to work hard and earn it but contrarily, the government teaches they will take care of you. He encourages black people to do better. He adds, “It’s a lie, that people cannot achieve in America… a lie.” 

Voter registrations are being cleaned up. People are using their logic and are not buying into the story that cheating does not exist through mail-in voting. People are realizing the media keeps lying to them about this. Why are they so bent on protecting the real threat of mail-in voting abuse? Are they complicit? Shouldn’t all Americans want a fair and just election process? 

People are not afraid of COVID anymore. They know if they are healthy and they feel good, they are fine and don’t need a mask. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have done multiple tests where they were able to repeat the tests to show that viruses are not stopped by masks. 

Where are the tests from Fauci, Birx, from The WHO, the CDC and the rest, showing that a T-shirt, a bandana, a surgical mask won’t work against a virus?  If one recognizes the size of a virus compared to the size of the fabric weave, then we know masks don’t work nor can they be scientifically proven that they do. Just the opposite has been proven. 

If people can riot, go to Home Depot or the grocery store, why can’t they vote at the polls? They can!

Nancy Pelosi recently came out against Biden debating Trump. Well, she has changed her mind saying Biden will be a great debater. We’ll see if this even happens.

Biden and Harris are continually being tested for COVID. Trump wants Biden to take a drug test.  Their first debate, if allowed, will most likely break viewership records! 

Robert Barnes has founded a new firm called, The Free American Law Center. It will combat free-speech threats. People who get censored or removed from social media, etc., will be provided a lawyer to fight injustice of our 1st Amendment rights to free speech. 

It is a member-driven, monthly subscriber organization for victims of defamation and de-platforming. If there was ever a time for something like this, it would be now!

In Kenosha, WI, the police stopped several suspicious vehicles with out of state plates. They arrested 9 people on charges of disorderly conduct. Upon further inspection of their vehicles, they discovered multiple fuel cans, helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and more. They were coming from out of state into Kenosha to do harm to the citizens and property.
These governors and mayors could stop all of this. Trump has talked to all many governors and mayors. They know if they need his assistance in curbing the chaos, just to let him know. The National Guard is on standby, waiting.

In Portland, Oregon, Trump has offered their Mayor, Ted Wheeler, boots-on-the-ground assistance to stop the horrific rioting. Wheeler replied to Trump stating he will reject his aid.

Help was offered and it was rejected. Why? Because they are taking orders which do not include the welfare of the Oregon citizens. They don’t care about them, their safety, nor their well-being. The people seeing this are wondering why they don’t want help. 

Now, the citizens are getting angry! Modern-Day Nazi Germany has infiltrated many of our Democratically run states with Seattle and Portland leading the charge. If you don’t acknowledge their muscle-power, they knock you to the ground and we see this time and time again. It’s not over.

The Dems seem to be embracing violence and chaos! Why? Joe Biden tweeted it out perfectly, “Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch.  Under his leadership, During his presidency.”

Biden admitted these are violent acts. He admitted they will continue to fan the flames of violence to make Donald Trump look bad. Trump realizes it’s not his position to protect the cities, it’s the mayors and governors.

All this mayhem in the streets is due to each state’s leadership, or lack-thereof, and is being used as a political tool to get Trump out of the White House. We must rise up and take back our cities, our states and our country!

Rand Paul and his family were assaulted after Thursday night’s Republican National Convention as they walked to their hotel.  A mob, made up of hundreds of THUGS, taunted them and innocent bystanders. Of course, the media downplayed the scenario saying they didn’t do anyone any harm.

However,  2 years ago, a law was passed which says, “Street harassment based on political affiliation was made illegal in 2018 in D.C.”  This law says you can’t go around bullying others, you can’t threaten them, you can’t block them from walking. Lawsuits are very effective!

Jim Banks, Representative Republican in Indiana, is introducing legislation to strip convicted rioters of Federal unemployment benefits and have them pay the cost of Federal policing of riots. If they were convicted of violence, vandalism or looting, they would also pay restitution to cover the costs of the need for Federal Law Enforcement Officers at the location where they were arrested. If they create damages, they should have to pay.

The Federal Appeals Court ruled that due process rights don’t apply to Guantanamo detainees. Foreign detainees at Guantanamo Bay, do not have the right to make due process claims in court. The decision from the 3-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the due process clause of the Constitution does not apply to those held at the military base.

A Judge,  who was appointed to the Court by President Trump, wrote in the decision that the due process clause may not be invoked by aliens without property or presence in the sovereign territory of the United States. Why does this matter?

Praying Medic explains, “For more than a decade, the detention of foreign combatants held at Gitmo, have been litigated by attorneys sympathetic to them. This argument has been made that foreign combatants were detained without Constitutionally guaranteed due process. Today’s ruling correctly notes that Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms do not apply to non US citizens. The ruling allows foreign combatants to be detained indefinitely.”

You can take ‘foreign’ and exchange it with ‘enemy’ combatants.

Post 2300 says, “Red October.” This was when Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed.  

Lindsay Graham asked Kavanaugh a specific set of questions about enemy combatants. It would be good to watch THIS video.

Define treason: ‘A crime of portraying one’s country especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.’
Define subversion: ‘The act of subverting, especially a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons secretly working from within.’

Then [Cue] gave the number for the suicide prevention hot line phone number with the message, ‘Operators standing by.’

The pieces are falling into place. Everything is getting prepared for what is coming. The Swamp had to be uncovered and now that they have been exposed, they are lashing out. This is why the riots are intense and the mayors are allowing their cities to burn.

The blocks are removed. The plan is in place. The Swamp has been exposed. The Patriots have their playbook. Nothing can stop what’s coming and those in the Swamp fear their game is over.

Opinion: JoLynn Live, C-VINE Contributor (Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

JoLynn Live

News Posted by: C-VINE Citizen Journalist, JoLynn Live! She is a Singer; a Wife of 36 years; Home-school mom to 10; Grandma to 11; Chicken Farmer; Patriot;  and an active C-Vine News contributor.