Non-Profit Group Takes on Building the Wall at Less Cost

It’s truly refreshing when we have a President who intuitively thinks outside the box – and Beltway, with an open mind to private-sector engagement as a welcome adjunct to big government projects. His innate ability to be flexible and creative is as American as it gets.

Entrepreneurial visionaries molded this nation for 200-plus years, and it’s the plucky American entrepreneurial spirit that will lead us forward and free as a Republic. After all, it’s the American way. ~~~ Bonnie Nirgude’

Kris Kobach Wants to Build the Wall His Way, and Says He Has the President’s Blessing

Exactly. In this project the rights of private landowners intersect perfectly with the objectives of the U.S. government. Ostensibly, members of both parties say they want to secure the border. The landowner needs to secure the border because of the damage being done in terms of litter and in terms of public safety and in terms of trespassing.

I have heard stories of landowners who like the open border because they’ve made friends with people who live on the Mexican side and they’re neighbors.

In that case if a landowner doesn’t want to have any fencing or barriers on his project, he wouldn’t be someone we would be working with.

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Written by B. Nirgude’  Wide-awake Citizen Journalist

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