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Open Borders: The Making of a Crisis as Political Strategy for Leftist Control of the USA

June 5, 2019

Open Borders:  A Crisis In the Making

In our world today, a crisis doesn’t just “happen”,  but rather is deliberately created as the trigger for an overall political strategy.  The Democrats create and fuel the crisis, sell the crisis narrative to the masses via the main stream media, then position themselves as having the answers to the crisis.

In three basic steps, they create and control the change they desire:

~  Create the Problem
~  Create the Narrative (around the problem)
~  Create the Solution (for the problem)

Please watch the following brief VIDEO as it explains the contrived “border crisis issue” and how it’s playing out before our very own eyes. It’s no accident.

VIDEO:  One America News Network

Bonnie Nirgude’ for C-Vine Network News