November 7, 2020, UPDATED: November 7, 2020


Social media is cracking down very hard on anything related to voting tallies which do not support their narrative. With Facebook disabling my personal Facebook page, my Facebook business page, AND just today, my Instagram music page, imposing their fear on Americans seems to be the agenda from these Big Tech Bullies. It’s not working.

A phrase we have heard for years might be appropriate here. We have many reasons to believe this show is not over until the ‘Fat Lady sings!’  

For years, we have been encouraged to ‘trust the plan, be calm, watch the water and also watch certain markers.’ Could this have been instruction to watch or make note of watermarks within our ballots?

Someone recently claimed watermark ink is commonly made from ethanol ink. Although I could not find a sources to verify, ink is indeed made from many components depending on the paper being used.

Chase this rabbit down this rabbit hole with me for a moment.  If ethanol ink was used to watermark our empty 2020 ballot paper, we need to ask, “What is ethanol ink made of?   We learn it is made from corn.

Remember all those posts talking about corn, corn is ready for the harvest, etc.?  What if there was an additional meaning besides the name, ‘Corney.’  What if all along, we were being encouraged to know our 2020 election would be safeguarded against any type of shenanigan. We were told it would be, (post 2610).

Far-fetched idea? Perhaps, but we were encouraged to think-critically in all things. Even chasing rabbit holes may reveal treasure-troves of information.

We were also told that all of this corruption must be exposed to the public before change of any kind to our system could be implemented and the people had to get behind the truth. This was the mission of our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider… to point us to the truth by giving us ‘crumbs’ to research… and it worked, brilliantly!

I feel very strongly that this election will result in exposing these shenanigans and will produce accurate and fair results. Turn off the news, take heart, be calm, and trust the plan.

Opinion: JoLynn Live, C-VINE Contributor

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  1. I do have faith in God and PRESIDENT TRUMP. There is a reason that TRUMP was chosen to lead us away from all the corruption and evil. He knew what was going to happen during this election. I pray that God protects him and his family and trust that God’s Will, will be done.
    GOD WINS !
    TRUMP PENCE 2020 !

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