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OPINION ~ HS Teacher Requires Students to Watch the News & Give a Report, But Doesn’t Like Some Chose C-VINE Report on GTMO

February 3, 2021

I received the following message just now from a follower by the name of Malissa. What a blessing to know all the work we are doing is having a good effect! The video report is attached if interested.

Malissa says…

“I’m rewatching your interview with Brad. It’s sooo interesting! I was asked this morning by Chris (my youngest son, he’s turning 18 this Saturday) why I don’t watch the news. I do, but not fake news. He is required to watch “the news” for his “english” class and his teacher doesn’t agree with what he is writing about. I’ve encouraged him to use c-vine for his reports. Chris and I don’t always agree, but this is 1 area we do. He’s concerned about failing because he is going against his teacher. I told him to use verifiable facts and include them in his reports. He’s doing the right thing on this. And if he does fail because of it, I’m going to be fighting for him. ???” ~~~ End Quote

The interview Melissa is speaking of gives an A – Z snapshot of what has been going on at GTMO with the KSM et al 9-11 trial. (Very beginning to just before the trials were suspended for a year because of COVID). The interview explains why we haven’t moved past the pre-trial phase, AND what is really going on with other shenanigans behind the scenes. It is quite the eye opener!

Side Note: This interview was scrubbed from our YouTube Channel with over 75,000 views. Apparently it is still up on the Brad Szollese channel.

The one thing that did disturb me in Melissa’s note, was her son’s English Teacher assignment was for her students to watch the news and they were to write a report on it. But,  when one student watched the attached C-VINE News report, the teacher had a problem with it. All facts were provided and the interview given is from a 2 year, eye-witness report from GTMO.

Our students are being taught that MSM is the only news that can be trusted?

Lord help our next generation, as the schools assist with their indoctrination!

~~~ Linda Forsythe