OPINION ~ Some Doctors Are Being Made Unwitting Accomplices of Crimes Against Humanity

December 20, 2020

The following is based on my personal experience, research and observations…

Frankly and IMHO, Big Pharma, the CDC, AMA, & WHO, hospitals, clinics etc. are making doctors unwitting accomplices of crimes against humanity.

Withholding a safe and inexpensive treatment like HCQ, (Hydroxychloroquine) because of what? Fear of losing a medical license? Hospital certification loss? Lawsuits? Loss of reputation among colleagues? Plain ignorance?

Here are some of the dead in my personal world…My roommate’s sweet mother, two volunteers of C-VINE, untold amounts of parents from close friends and colleagues… all died horribly and alone in a California ICU on ventilators without any family by their side and no funeral afterwards. You may have a few similar experiences of your own.

When I thought I had COVID, the Urgent Care Doctors AND the docs at my Healthcare Center all said it was against “policy” to prescribe HCQ. The fact I have arthritis and could have received it for that reason alone, made no difference. My PCP at the time said no pharmacy will fill it and it was a “dangerous drug”. Reminding her it has been FDA approved for 40 years with minimal incidences made no impact.? Thankfully, my results came back negative, but this experience was a terrifying eye opener!

There is another treatment created for hospitalized patients with COVID of Plasma antibodies…so I called around to California hospitals to find one that gave this treatment and NOT ONE had that as an option. President Trump had gone out of his way to make the same option available to We the People that was successfully used on him. My calls were an attempt to help save the life of a friend’s dad in the ICU. He died without that treatment.

The hospitals I spoke with about this told me that the antibody plasma doesn’t work as well as what they are using, (which is a pill that is $2000 each treatment). Many patients still wind up being placed on respirators for $27,000 a day. It has been found out via autopsy that the people who die, usually do so because of blood clots. It’s about the money!

Trump was on the antibody plasma and was better in 24 hours. Same with others. People…if you don’t start raising the rafters with righteous anger…it could be you or a loved one fighting when you’re weak and vulnerable!

In the meantime I’m using social media to educate and give the information about the Front Line Doctors to help save some lives. Dr’s will prescribe the HCQ over the phone and a pharmacy will mail the meds.


Then an interesting piece of news came out via tweet from Dr. David Samadi…

Because of the attached tweet, it may be prudent more than ever to start taking HCQ, Vitamin D3 5000IU and Zinc 50 mg. as a PREVENTATIVE. In some states your doctor will prescribe the HCQ and your pharmacy will fill it. Ask your doctor.

Let’s use a little common sense. If HCQ that has been around for 40 years and can be taken as a PREVENTATIVE… why would you want a very new immunization with potential of very serious and unreversable side effects?

The same dosage of HCQ has been used for 40 years as a PREVENTATIVE for Malaria and is very effective and safe. The areas of the world with high potential for Malaria have MANY on HCQ who consequently have NOT come down with COVID.

As for here in the U.S… unfortunately there are states where doctors are prevented from prescribing or Pharmacies prevented from filling HCQ. Many doctors fear for their license even though they may agree with the treatment if they prescribe. Pharmacies in some states may potentially lose their license for filling it.

Then they’re doctors, who are just plain given WRONG information, saying HCQ is harmful without researching for themselves… even though it has been FDA approved for 40 years without incident for Malaria prevention/treatment, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis Rx.

For those people who can’t obtain HCQ, the Front Line Doctors who spoke in front of the Whitehouse explaining how well HCQ works, have developed an army of Physicians and Pharmacies NATION WIDE who will prescribe and fill by delivering directly to you.

A licensed physician will speak to you directly on the phone asking about your medical history and medications you’re taking to see if you’re a candidate for a prescription.

They charge $90 for a phone consultation and $60 for the medication if prescribed. Your card won’t be charged until AFTER the pharmacy calls to verify your address for delivery. The doctor and pharmacy will be from your own home state but will deliver it elsewhere if you’re out of town like what happened to my sister.

I have gone through this process and have been taking it now for three weeks without ANY problems. Preventative HCQ is one pill a week while taking the D3 and Zinc daily until after the pandemic is over.

Share this to reach as many as possible to stop this madness with an easy fix/prevention! THIS IS NOT THE IMMUNIZATION. In fact you won’t need an immunization if you take this as prevention!

Note… if you have COVID or have been exposed, it is best to take HCQ in the first week and you will be given a higher dose to clean it out of your system. In that case have it on hand for the potential possibility of COVID infection if you won’t or haven’t taken it as a PREVENTATIVE. Most feel better within hours after taking it.

NOTE: I don’t receive ANY financial benefits of any kind sending you to the Front Line Doctors or educating on HCQ.

Click on this link DIRECTLY to start the process and fill out the form… ???

Direct Link to Front Line Doctors…

How Do I Get HCQ?

How can some doctors continue to turn a blind eye???

Why don’t they follow their oath to do no harm?

Why don’t they do a little more research? The doctors who have…now know better and advocate for it!

It will be awhile before I seek medical care again unless it’s for trauma. I will be better off using prevention, eating healthy, losing weight, keeping fit and keeping my immunity built. And these are the words of a retired nurse!

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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