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Our Urgent C-VINE Volunteer Meeting Today & How it Affects YOU

September 22, 2022

Linda Forsythe and the C-VINE team have been relentlessly censored, shadowbanned or removed off of social media for years. The latest is Linda’s removal off Facebook for the 2nd time and recent website attacks.

Yesterday was the last straw!
The C-VINE Volunteer Brigade has swung into action implementing new plans in this information war for the truth.
There isn’t a powerful force more formidable, than the heart of a volunteer who has passion for a cause. When the cause is to re-build your Country, Family, Businesses, Health and Home… we can add to it the power of conviction.
Our volunteer team decided to allow our weekly meeting to be recorded for transparency purposes. We the People are working together utilizing the C-VINE platform discussing what is coming and the action we’re taking.
It is our prayer, that what you hear in this discussion will motivate you to offer your area of expertise and work together as neighbors to take back control of our lives.
Our home is run by We the People, as is stated in our U.S. Constitution.
Visit our (no charge) website at https://c-vine.com/ to read the news without a paywall, or become a monthly member to help support us if you can. If you want to volunteer, have a question, prayer request, or information to share, click the “Contact Us” link in the task bar at the top.
If willing or able, to do a one time contribution… click the “DONATE NOW” section at the top in the task bar.

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  1. Prayers for you and the team for God to build a hedge of protection around you. Thank you for bringing the truth. Thank you for forging on after the attacks you are enduring! You are appreciated!

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