Part III: C-VINE Response To NewsGuard Who Is RATING Our Website


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  1. What legally recognized authority is News Guard operating under? What authority or entity is directing News Guard to rate any website? Who is Financing News Guard and what business entity are they operating under? Is News Guard aware there is free speech in the constitution of the United States of America. That we as citizens not only have a right but a responsibility to scrutinize information presented to us. Just as News Guard is free to post to THEIR OWN website any information they want to. What authority is News Guard using to prevent & silence our free speech? Is New Guard an American owned company, or is News Guard based in a foreign country? Does News Guard have any registrations with the U.S Government giving them authority to scrutinize American citizens operating an American based website? Who is Funding New Guard. Who has given News Guard any authority to place warnings on content? If News Guard is in disagreement they are free to post that information just as we are free to post our disagreements.
    “Do you consider the latter to be adequate disclosure that the article is opinion?” Question from New Guard ? This is not a real question. This is a judgment on News Guards OPINION of the previously stated information. News Guard should state real questions if they have them or state what their opinion really is and not some vailed insult. This question reveals more about News Guard than they realize. One they are not an authority of any kind. Two the real reason for the harassment is that they disagree with the information on this website. Which they are free to do. But should do so honestly. This is not an honest question and leads me to believe this is not an honest authority or business. Do they have any connections with the FCC? Are they backed by the FCC? Adding their caution to the information they disagree with and there for attempting to block the information is wrong. I would like to know what the FCC says about it. As I have said they have a right to disagree with the information and to post it on their own website but they do not have a right or authority to prevent us from expressing our free speech which if they choose to put a warning on information from this site they would be doing. Preventing our information from being seen and our voice from being freely expressed.

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