Will We Ever Re-Claim Our Freedom of Speech Back From Those Who Steal?

Look out world…because I’m about to give a “Rafter Shaking” RANT. (This time I have multiple copies hidden off line to post again if it is taken down).
I’m generally quite slow to go into the “I am completely and utterly fed up” mode… but I’m here now.
I just had two more posts that didn’t go against FB Community Standards, taken down. Multiple private messages in my in-box from friends saying FB won’t allow them to “like” or “comment” on my posts. Daily suppression of activity on all social media accounts. My Messenger account was hacked and false messages were sent out to my friends for over a week WITHOUT ANYONE on the FB team doing anything about it. This is even after a multitude of reports given to FB from me and friends.
There was one scary day, I wasn’t able to connect on ANY social media site at all because of a pop up that said, “No Connectivity” but could then connect on any other website immediately. On that day I toggled back and forth between MSM websites and social media websites with the same constant results. Social Media – No Connectivity. MSM or other websites – immediate connection.
AND I AM ONLY A VERY SMALL MINORITY THAT THIS IS HAPPENING TOO. Diamond and Silk were deemed, “Dangerous to the Community”. LOL! Seriously?
Well surprise, surprise… there are those of us that won’t be shut up that easily.
This long over due rant is coming only after it finally sunk into my head, that our 1st Amendment is headed straight to the trash bin, and nothing or no one appears to be doing anything about it except rant or point it out. Where is anyone’s outrage? Don’t you know what this means???
That being said… the only thing stopping our Freedom of Speech from the fate of the shredder, is “We the People” step up and demand our Constitutional Rights be adhered too. I don’t know about you, but this villager has her torch lit and pitchfork poised, ready to stand in the blockade.
The good news is this “RANT” comes with a solution for those of you who are so inclined to avow yourself of it.
Liberals, (for the moment) have the virtual keys to the social media kingdom. They are placing a muzzle over any speech that doesn’t agree with their own, or placing dissenters in a virtual “Gulag”. They’ve placed Freedom of Speech and the laws of our land into their back pockets. Can you see them walking away unhindered, while giving us the proverbial finger?
We may be using due process for “Cleaning out the Government” of those who have been using their appointed or elected positions for personal gain, … but Liberals have made the unilateral decision to clean out Social Media of those who don’t espouse their personal values. Values and beliefs frankly that is in direct opposition of “We the People”.
We are and have been under domestic attack.
Liberals are legally NOT allowed to make unilateral decisions of who is allowed to speak. They are turning into a crime syndicate utilizing covert methods away from the law in multiple instances without repercussions. These misbehaving children have been, and are continuing to dismantle this country, brick by brick while attempting to block the people from protecting their homes through varied methods of obstruction. Including weaponizing the court systems or releasing proven violent criminals who are also illegal aliens back out into the general population.
Liberals are systematically muzzling off conservative speech in any place that potentially can give voice. Universities, television shows, MSM, commercials, movies, radio, award ceremonies, churches and communication platforms such a social media.
They’ve coraled an entire generation through subtle and patient indoctrination over the years, to a belief in socialism and deeply flawed values. They’ve initiated the destruction of the cohesive family unit and the eradication of God in our lives. They’ve stomped down the “rule of law” while also attempting to demonize our police, first responders and military. The results are horrific and now they are shutting the gates from allowing the people to finally speak up in dissent.
We the People elected our President of the United States within the law. We the People who established the Constitution of the United States, are the boss. HOW DARE YOU try to destroy all we hold dear!!! You have the unmitigated gall to attempt systematic isolation of our voice? You have the audacity to attempt sending us packing, if we open our mouths in the home we built? Built on the foundation of the American Constitution you are attempting to destroy? I reiterate….”the home WE BUILT”.
Then to add insult to injury, you attack our livelihoods that ultimately feed our family. How? By separating our voice even in the world of business. Silencing our voice can be deadly for the entrepreneur if our business in any way depends on the internet, social media or advertising. The same can happen if a Conservative voice works for someone else, and the conservative viewpoints become known. Being forced out the door to walk the lone road can become the last mile. Most are dependant on these venues for business survival.
And I haven’t even begun to point out that the ability for honest news reporting to be heard has been silenced. We don’t hear news anymore, which isn’t skewed or slanted toward the left. MSM is just another “Free Speech” platform that has been hijacked away from the 1st Amendment and fake news continues unabated. In fact, the 1st Amendment hasn’t been allowed for some time now unless it comes from an “Independent” News Source. Even then I personally don’t trust it because it comes from a business that depends on “advertisers” for their bread and butter. The news can still be held hostage to the whim of the paying advertiser and ultimately supports the Free Speech platform.
So what are the answers?
There are quite a few actually, and they are being put into place as we speak. Yes… We the People have also been quietly working behind the scenes in multiple areas, once we saw the liberal agenda a few years ago.
What are some of these answers and how does they work?
Some are being built by the C-VINE News Network, who is organizing and building a multitude of platforms. C-VINE stands for * Community Voice * Internet News * Education. These three platforms work together and are completely run by, “We the People”. See below to view the main directory link). C-VINE is not a business. Not a non-profit. Not a club. Not a “special interest group”. It is a free speech platform run by your neighbors and has grown quite large. A new forum off of social media has also JUST been added.
Other methods are being brought together by fed up Conservatives with creative entrepreneurial abilities and a large following. (Anyone with a large following on social media is called an “Influencer”). A hive of Influencers are a formidable army that you certainly don’t want to piss off. And yet, liberals keep throwing rocks into every single conservative influencer hive they find…. creating a swarm of activity that is joining together to form a powerful force they will soon have to run from. FAST!
It is the Influencer and their followers that are the weapon of We the People.
But one of the most interesting is beginnings of a buzz on D-Tube and other “decentralized” social media. (Similar to how bitcoin works in a decentralized manner). Plus, the Influencer is all over C-VINE. The Influencer is working on many projects and platforms, soon to be mentioned.
And the beauty of it, is social and main stream media won’t be needed for the voice of We the People very soon. There are other methods to make something viral. But it can only happen with teamwork of like minded individuals who recognize they are about to lose their voice if they stay with the status quo.
Hives of Influencers can and WILL out maneuver social media, plus create an enormous communication and news platform OFF of social media. Influencers will bring all of their followers with them. AND TRUST ME when I tell you that on the right platform… this well armed army will be a formidable foe.
THAT, my friends is the answer to the brats dangling the house key out the social media window to taunt the banned conservative. We will leave the liberals with an empty house and build ourselves a grander, new one. One that is decentralized and can’t be taken over EVER AGAIN from an outside source. The old house requires advertisers to put food on the table. Advertisers that don’t have an audience will soon die. “The audience” is their only sustenance for staying alive. Influencers are in the process of cutting off their food source without firing a shot. The audience will follow the Influencer.
At this point you may be quite sceptical in how it can be accomplished in the short term. And I am here to tell you it will be easier than you think. The silent majority had already proved that in the 2016 election when social media influencers and like minded followers pulled together to ROAR. Everyone worked together like a well oiled machine, instinctively knowing what to do without being told. Why? Because the silent majority is like minded. They have been family for generations.
The shadow government, liberal puppets and others of the “entitlement” mindset, realized their error after it was too late. But, they clearly see their error now… hence the gaps are being closed off in social media and Conservatives are being systematically silenced.
Until they see their next new error… let them continue to be out of touch with the population. Once they clue in again… be amused and watch the show. Let them whine. Smile at the impotent temper tantrums. Let them scream until they are hoarse… until they realize their negative behaviors aren’t gaining them an audience or attention. Then maybe… just maybe they will grow up enough to follow the house rules. OUR house. OUR rules.
NOTE: If you would like to visit the C-VINE Directory of multiple media stations and channels, input the following link. BE AWARE we purposely broke the link by adding spaces for don’t just copy and paste. Be SURE to close spaces up before attempting to view. C-VINE Network . COM
~~~ Linda Forsythe