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November 19, 2020

Dominion Software and Smartmatic Software, a foreign owned company, was created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election. There is very strong evidence from first-hand accounts this is the way of Chavez.

Several countries, seeing the value of placing certain leadership through this system’s software, rather than using a traditional system of voting, embraced this means of voter fraud as their own.  While the masses were told elections were about the vote of the people, in reality, leaders were instead, being ‘installed.’ Remember that word.

The software was brought into the U.S. in the mid 2000’s.  This 2020 election, Dominion software has been used in 2000 jurisdictions, in 30 states and perhaps clear across the country most likely affecting the entire election. 

What our media has been calling ‘glitches’ actually has been pre-programing and there is an exorbitant amount of proof of not only voter fraud but election fraud as well. Dominion/Smartmatic was programmed this way. Votes can be flipped, added or deleted to project a desired winner. Unfortunately for Dominion and Smartmatic, this can also be traced for corruption.

What alerted Patriot election officials in the first place was the crash of the system’s algorithm. President Trump was receiving an overwhelming number of votes which overloaded the system’s counters causing it to shut down during the counting process.

Eyewitnesses said they saw additional ballots delivered in vans in the middle of the night on November 4th and were brought in for counting. Election Day was November 3rd, not November 4th.

The Software System’s manual can be found online which proves the legitimacy of this claim.   How many other countries have been using this software? How vast is foreign interference world-wide? 

How many years have Americans been voting through the Dominion and Smartmatic software only to now understand the depth of potential election fraud?  Were our past presidents voted in or have they actually been ‘installed?’ Stay tuned…

Opinion: JoLynn Live, C-VINE Contributor

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JoLynn Live

News Posted by: C-VINE Citizen Journalist, JoLynn Live! She is a Singer; a Wife of 37 years; Home-school mom to 10; Grandma to 11; Chicken Farmer; Patriot; and an active C-VINE News contributor.