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The Path is Cleared and POTUS is fighting back.

Seeing is Believing! PANIC in DC! ALL Assets           Deployed. Optics are VERY important.

By Kris Harper
July 30, 2020

X22 Report (C-VINE Vetted) 
As we know, a group of practicing physicians recently spoke to the public about their use of HCQ. They have documented proof based on their own practice.  The video went viral, and was promptly taken down by media “nannies” who don’t want the American public to know that there exists a modality that works in the treatment of our favorite CCP export. Why?

Answer? Optics. The DS players, all at once, are being exposed for their biased, bought off garbage.

What does that signal to you, Patriots? How about this; PANIC IN DC.


Censorship of real Doctors, whose message was; no mask? no distance? no fear mongering! We already have a great head start on herd immunity. We’ve got “therapeutics” that work. Why did President Trump tell us about HCQ in March….?  “Operation Warp Speed” seems to be the Deep State’s Kryptonite, as the headlines the “normies” see say that “Dark Money” funded these highly esteemed and brave voices.

Trump describes Joe Biden as a “Trojan Horse”, as we await his announced pick for VP. Does Donald ever say things that he does not mean? Seems the Patriots might already sniff some debauchery coming through the Deep State wires.

Meanwhile, the Dem run West coast cities burn as rioters dig in. What on earth is so important in that Portland Federal building, do you suppose?  The attack on the B2 Bomber (AKA Bill Barr) went to all new heights before Geriatric Nadlers naptime committee. CCP treatments are being suppressed. Dems struggle and claw to regain the narrative at any cost, which at present is them looking like fools. All. Assets. Deployed.

Ms Maxwell is not seeing straight these days, either, as the Feds close in on her from every angle. The recent unsealing of Civil Court information will quite likely reach out and ensnare others.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, President Trump is delivering what we really need. He has reached an agreement with the US company, Kodak, to manufacture generic drugs made right here in the USA. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And a reclaiming of supply chain, ta boot! WINNING!

Everything this country has endured could have been halted way back in March. That does not sit well with most people.

We can expect more attacks. We keep hearing this, over and over. Twitter is really showing this, as certain voices seem to be flipping sides. It’s like swimming in shark infested waters sometimes on social media.  Events like the recent NYC arrest of a woman sought for destroying cameras was “spun” as her having been abducted or grabbed. Just plucked off the street. There is a need for “undercover” sometimes, and this was at the root of the spin zone. Predictable!

And for your Alice in Wonderland news, it appears Hillary is desperate to win the Senate back. Gee, I wonder what cheshire queen bee is up her rosey bonnet? Feeling painted into a corner, perhaps? A little skittish of the Trump Cards?

The Office of The Press Secretary issued a statement. “President Trump will continue to fight back against unfair, un-American, and politically biased censorship of Americans online.” Yes, please. And thank you, Mr. President!

We Are the News! WWG1WGA!


Opinion: Kris Harper, C-VINE Contributor (Based on the X22 Report)

Kris Harper for C-Vine News~
Born Awake! Truth Seeker, Justice Demander, Light Warrior, Pattern Decoder, Dot Connector, Member of Humanity Tribe of ONE. 20 years in trenches… Manifesting Change We can Believe in, whose Time is NOW! WWG1WGA!