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The Legal Immigrant Who Fought to Become a US Citizen, is Now Fighting to Make America Great Again

October 11, 2020

President Trump was so enamored with her story, Agnes Gibboney has been invited twice to the Whitehouse. POTUS strongly stands behind her.

Agnes Gibboney and her family escaped from severe tyranny and then went through the long process of legal immigration to become a US Citizen.

Years later, her only son was killed by a 3 time, catch and release Illegal Alien turning many lives upside down.

She is now an Angel Mom and fighting for the America she escaped too… instead of accepting it as the country she RAN FROM.

Agnes is running for Congress in the 31st District in California and is one of the few Conservatives on the ticket. But that is not why she is here today.

She is here with a DIRE WARNING for the public…. Listen to the attached interview.

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