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Oct. 19, 2020 

X22 Report: Episode 2305b

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All of the  X22 Report’s channels, along with over 30 other Conservative News Network channels have been scrubbed from the YouTube platform. SGT Report, Red Pill, Praying Medic, And We Know, and others were of those targeted.

Many of those Conservative News Networks created back up channels which were scrubbed, as well. There was no warning, only a notification saying their channels violated terms of service. 

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Big Tech Lockouts Increase
As Election Day Draws Near

The Press Secretary, Senators and many Patriots were locked out of their YouTube, FB and TWTR accounts simply for sharing news about HB. The New York Post was locked out of their own TWTR account for reporting on this story.

They will not be allowed access until they remove their offensive content. What if this content is true, after all? Why the heavy censorship?  Apparently, Big Tech doesn’t realize the more they ban a story, the more curious the people get. Will this backfire?

When censorship first happened, after investigations, their CEO’s reported ‘glitches.’ Now with hundreds of group pages and dozens of Conservative News Networks banned, we can only deduct that glitches were a cover story, and to lie to their account holders… you and I…but why?

Big Tech Giants apparently know more truth than all those who have investigated the reports. They know more than the FBI, lawyers and Ukraine. How can they know for sure  that what is being posted is misleading? 

Big Teach Giants realize censorship didn’t work so they resorted to banning these groups and people. Now, we cannot counter. We are being silenced, squashed and shut down.

They are coming after anyone who is countering their narrative.  No facts, no reports of the truth are being allowed on their platforms. Aren’t platforms guaranteed to allow free speech? We are reminded that civil suits are very powerful!

We will find ways to share information. Patriots fighting for freedom won’t give up easily!  They never have. We never will!

‘The X22 Report gives current political daily news.
Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

Expect the Emergency Alert System or the Emergency Broadcast System to be used to communicate vital information to America. The DS has the power to take down social media platforms, like GAB. It took time to get it back up and would take time to do the same for another ban of a social media platform.

If the DS wasn’t in such a panic, none of this censorship would be happening. Don’t panic. We have the EAS. Will President Trump need to communicate this way? Be sure to have this feature in your phone turned ON. 


The Patriots pulled back the curtain on Hunter Biden. His laptop story along with texts, videos and emails outed him as someone who committed crimes against humanity.  

The FBI was given information, but those who were corrupt in the FBI, sat on the information for months. Thank to Patriots in the FBI, the information was leaked to Rudy Guiliani who released it to the public. The New York Post picked up the story.

Just when the Patriots thought justice would be served against these corrupt elites and politicians, Big Tech Giants like FB, TWTR, etc., censored every story around the Biden’s, and banned news agencies so the truth could not get out. He got caught with photos of himself committing crimes against humanity with young girls.

These photos are not just about sex, they are much more sinister. But the media is trying to spin this putting out photos that are lewd but not criminal, saying the photos are not a big deal. Will the public buy into this or will they research it for themselves?

Hunter Biden’s accusations won’t stop with Hunter.The road is already paved to Joe Biden who will be going into hiding until the debate. Could this be because he knows the allegations are true and doesn’t want to answer any questions regarding Hunter? 

Joe said he didn’t know anything about Hunter getting money but now it looks like he knew A LOT. We have his laptops. We have the e-mails and other incriminating evidence. Has Hunter Biden denied any of this? Why did Big Tech censor posts the same day as the Hunter drop? Where is Hunter, anyway?

‘The X22 Report gives current political daily news.
Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

We are told to enjoy the show. Who are the stars in the show? HRC, Brennan, Schiff, Obama, etc. HRC tweeted out to ‘cancel the show for good.’  Why ever for? It’s just getting good… we want to see the ending of the show, don’t we?  Why is it taking so long to make arrests? Because it’s not about the arrests. It’s about bringing down the entire Swamp.


The media calls [Cue] a cult group who believes in Satanic cult rings and vampires. Good grief! Have they ever read even one post? If they had, they would know how absurd their stupidity is. Panic in DC!


Mail-in voting is a huge, huge problem! PA State rejected 372,000 mail-in ballot applications following chaos in their primaries. The DS has used up all their new ammunition. Creating fear is all they have left. Counter measures are being put into place.

The Trump Administration is suing many states, many of which they have won. Amy Coney Barrett is set to be voted on and most likely will be confirmed at the next Supreme Court Justice. 

People are saying, ‘now that there is a cure, they want to get COVID so they can be immune and won’t have to worry about it anymore.’ Crazy talk? Perhaps but this is the chatter. People are not afraid of getting COVID anymore. 

‘The X22 Report gives current political daily news.
Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

Masks will not provide any protection against

Dr. Scott Altas is not with Dr. Fauci nor the CDC but is working along side of President Trump. He is stating the facts that masks don’t work to keep COVID in or out. Twitter removed his tweet.  System of control?  Rule through fear?

Trump caught COVID but was cured in 3 or 4 days with a drug called REGENERON. Did they give him REGENERON because Remdesivir did not work? Note the timing of everything.  


In 2022, President Trump will make ‘988’ the universal hotline number for The National Suicide Prevention number. Will this number be needed to make calls as more and more truth is revealed about the Swamp?


The Deep State forced their hand with the pandemic. They exposed to America, who the true dictators are, governors, mayors, etc. The riots were planned and executed, all the while the media was reporting them as peaceful protests.

Social media presented a different picture and the viewers realized they were being lied to. The looting, businesses and homes being burned to the ground, murders taking place in the streets and the Patriots had to allow the people see this level of corruption.   The people wouldn’t have believed it if they were simply told, they had to see it to believe it. 

Keep up the good fight. The flow of information is vital! Above all, Pray!


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