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UPDATED: What REALLY Happened during the 1/6 Rally in D.C? YOU Decide With Your Own Eyes!

January 28, 2021

C-VINE has refreshed our video report with additional clips during the January 6th Rally in Washington DC.

The video clips were taken by multiple Citizen Journalists that we have pieced together in order.

We are not going to tell anyone what to think or see on this, because it is imperative that everyone make up their own minds. You know what you have been “TOLD”. Decide if that narrative, matches this LIVE footage.

We recommend this video be downloaded offline and kept it as a memory aide, because additional nefarious stories from the new administration,  continues to arise daily. We don’t know how long this footage will be allowed to stay up.

Take very careful note of the time stamps for the timelines. These posted timestamps match a minimum of 6 phones from citizen journalists who were there filming. Multiple more have since come to light.

Why are these timestamps important? Because they do NOT match the MSM timestamps, and they want you to forget that. President Trump’s speech started an hour later and MSM timeline was originally off by over an hour. (We have the original MSM footage). Do you know what that means? You decide!

Also decide the importance of others viewing this footage on all social media. It’s now up to us to prove Patriots who love their country, are NOT violent terrorists, but were there on that day exercising their Constitutional Rights for peaceful assembly.

~~~ Linda Forsythe