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?️Warning: Everyone better take cover and batten down the hatches ~ because I’m about to release a Catagory 5:5 RANT!  ??⚡??

~~~ by Linda Forsythe

The thing is ~ in order for this RANT to be heard, I will need to be rather cryptic…so please put on your critical thinking caps.

I have been watching helplessly, while people who are misinformed or completely uninformed, make life altering judgement calls that in some cases are deadly. In the very least, certainly dangerous. These judgement calls can affect entire families, sometimes for generations.

A life preserver can be tossed their way with a warning about the coming tide, but has usually been shoved aside as “not needed,” until it is too late to save them.

It is heartbreaking to helplessly watch them sail toward certain destruction.

There have been Patriot trailblazers, fighting for YEARS to sound warnings and open eyes about misinformation.

Those who have learned to cultivate critical thinking skills, have seen the light and are working hard to join forces with these trailblazers and shout out warnings of their own to others trudging down the wrong path.

Bless them all for their service!

Their tireless, albeit painful marching to fight for truth, has saved an untold amount of lives as they are warned away from the dangers.

Unfortunately, there are still many who have not been reached or choose not to see. To make matters worse, some are from our own disillusioned friends or family. The people we love are in this mix….

We’ve gotten to the point of helplessly releasing them to their chosen path of self destruction. The brain washing is powerful and relentless. The misinformation always seems to come from a place of previous high credibility and trust. The DS infiltrates almost EVERYTHING with high credibility, and does so with subtlety.

All this has come about because of an ingenious propaganda machine, (created by the father of lies), and exists to kill, steal and destroy… very effectively!

And it happens, because we ALLOW it to happen. The machine is bolder and louder than us, because we ALLOW it to drown us out.

I was drowned out and muzzled for the LAST TIME earlier this week.

Monday morning I spent hours and carefully created an educational video for You Tube, by utilizing proven science, data and respected physician guidance, plus clips of court footage (all a matter of public record). I labeled it “OPINION” in the title, so the audience could research and decide for themselves. It was a last ditch effort to warn others away from danger, that is FAST APPROACHING right now and at this very moment.

We are literally at the precipice of the point of no return.

What happened? The video was taken down after beginning to go viral. Yes, I can take it elsewhere or start again as I have many times before, but that isn’t the point. Running Helter Skelter is nonproductive and an energy waster. Nor do we have the luxury of time anymore.

We have been effectively silenced, divided and made moot.

But, what appears to thrive in most cases, are those spreading confusion, entertaining stories and offering words to placate. In other words, diversions to keep “the herd calm” on their death march to market. (Read that last sentence again).

I need your help. The volunteers of C-VINE need your help. In order to continue effectively fighting this battle, we must have supplies, because our resources are almost gone.

I have been offered my own show on AM 590 Radio, and previously I co-hosted with Greg Brittain on his personal show. I was AMAZED at how we weren’t censored! We discussed what ever we wanted. The way it used to be! I had almost forgotten what that felt like. True freedom of speech! ??

C-VINE continues looking for volunteers. Our patriot goals are the same. We all want to enjoy the freedoms that those before us fought and died for.

For those who can… we need monthly sponsorship/membership donations on our website that is tax deductible for you. We can then continue on in this fight effectively.

We are adding this newsletter to bring everyone up to date once each week, sent to your inbox if you want it. You can become a member of C-VINE HERE: https://c-vine.com/

Those who cannot donate funds…join the C-VINE Prayer Brigade because prayer warriors are badly needed. Either that, or roll bandages, cook the food, house the troops or do what you can to raise morale. This is literally the fight of a lifetime!

Click on this link directly ➡️ https://www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4SUUMCFW4SW8C&source=url

Or send a check made out to C-VINE International Charitable Trust: 31805 TEMECULA PKWY.#244 Temecula, CA. 92592

?????? This is it folks… Join the fight in some manner with passion and without fear… or accept what is coming….WWG1WGA ??????

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