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What to do When A Livelihood is Shut Down? How Much More Can Small Business Owners Take?

August 27, 2020

Today’s C-VINE We the People Interview Information…

Welcome back Leonard Bacani!  I am Linda Forsythe.

Leonard joins us today, along with John Gabriele, who owns multiple “West Coast Krav Maga” Studios… AND happens to be Leonard’s Sensei.

Today’s discussion comes from two unique perspectives, having to do with why businesses have been shut down, and the effect it is having on the population.

For example, South Dakota Never Shut Down Their Businesses during the Pandemic, but took proper precautions. Their economy is now the top in the nation without a virus spike. In other States, businesses have ALL been shut down, except for the large conglomerates deemed essential.

This has created an unnecessary crisis since 80 – 94% of businesses in most states are classified as “Small Businesses”. These, can be taking the exact same precautions as the large conglomerates. Instead, the majority of our country has been shut down.

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