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Why Did C-VINE Stop Reporting On 9/11, KSM et al? (Part 1 of 5) What is REALLY Going on at GTMO?


Yes, C-VINE is back to reporting on the KSM et al 9/11 tribunals! But, reporting is going to take a new direction. (Video Reports – 1 of 5 Attached).

Volunteers, Linda Forsythe and Leonard Bacani on their way back from reporting LIVE on the GTMO – 9/11 – KSM et al Military Tribunals.

Many have been asking where we disappeared too. After all, for most of 2019, C-VINE jumped through major hoops, and spent a great deal of time watching the Guantanamo Tribunal Proceedings LIVE from a special room on the Ft. Meade Military Base.

Leonard Bacani, Bonnie Nirgude, Linda Houek and I… all sat through, and reported on untold amounts of hours of testimony, sifted through mountains of historical data and verified information from hundreds of pages of transcripts every single day of the Open trials.

So where did we go? There is a good answer… but let’s just say it’s complicated.

We are now in a position to report on multiple, “behind the scene” happenings that will be quite the eye opener. BUT, this will be provided via verified pieces of a puzzle.

C-VINE Citizen Journalist Volunteers; Linda Houck and Bonnie Nirgude in Washington DC, reporting on the KSM et al Tribunals. Taking a break during the 4th of July festivities, (2019)

In other words, we are going to sift and analyze this together. (The same way our favorite letter of the alphabet does). We’ve decided to do this in a 5 part series, because there is MUCH to review.

This first attached video is the Introduction. It may be in your best interest not to miss any videos that are put out in this series, and DOWNLOAD it while you can.

We are providing information to you in this way because NOTHING we are about to tell you has been PROVEN in a court of law. We are just providing the evidence C-VINE has collected and laying it before “We the People”… the proverbial, “Court of Public Opinion”.

Why are we doing it this way? Because the 9/11 pre-trial proceedings are still no closer to going to trial, than where we were 19 years ago.

WHAT?!?! NO CLOSER GOING TO TRIAL, THAN 19 YEARS AGO? Yes, and I think you will be interested in learning WHY that is. Major answers lay within that question alone.

The following link is a report CVINE provided through an interview that goes over the last 18 years of KSM et al history and mentioned in today’s video. This report will bring you up to speed: https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/10/30/update-on-military-tribunals-with-awakened-nation-you-will-be-surprised/

Fasten your seat belt!

Linda Forsythe is the founder and creator of the C-VINE International News Network. What started out as a “grassroots” movement between Patriot friends, has caught fire and exploded in a virulent manner globally!

C-VINE News has been placed in a Charitable Trust as a Foundation for Patriots around the world who have banded together to TAKE CHARGE of the news they receive. Now up to 45,000 active VOLUNTEERS are on assignment to investigate, vet, write news releases, and film breaking news stories from around the world. Many act as Digital Soldiers who help the news to spread on Social Media that has managed to beat the Conservative News censorship.

They also send a representative each month to cover the 9/11, KSM et al… Military Tribunals LIVE from GTMO via CCTV from Ft. Meade in Maryland.