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Coronavirus: Deep State Last Ditch Effort to Control USA?

April 6, 2020

Big Pharma Corruption Dissected.  

Dr. Shiva, a brilliant man, and inventor of email,  is running for the Senate in 2020, and is the perfect spokesman to expose the Deep State tactics and how they all fit together from seemingly disparate sectors – such as Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma and the push for mandatory vaccinations of US citizens.

Dr. Fauci is corrupted to the core.  For example, are you aware he serves on the leadership council of the Gates Foundation?  Coincidence?

The drive for mandatory vaccinations is no accident, but a well- planned strategy by the Deep State for ultimate control of the United States – and the world – but those who expose such corruption can end up “suicided”, (and we hope Dr. Shiva has round- the- clock security for his own protection and that of his family.) 

THIS IS  the conspiracy,  not the other way around,  and we are exposing it.

There is so much vital information contained in this video…!

Please watch!