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#FlagsOut ~ Trending Across the Nation as Patriots Stand & Salute!

The Silent Majority Doesn’t Have to Argue, Debate or Explain Their Love for America ~ THEY SHOW IT. 

All across our country, flags are coming out.

Old Glory has unfurled everywhere!

Oh Say Can You See, by the Dawn’s Early Light…

The Vision of our Flags Flying Across America, is a Picture, Truly Worth 1000 Words!

During One of the Most Troubling Times in the History of our Nation ~ Flying Our Star Spangled Banner SAYS; “WE THE PEOPLE:

  • Honor Those Who Fought & Died for us.
  • Demonstrate Loyalty to the Constitution.
  • Proudly Display Our Symbol of Freedom.
  • Stand UP in “Unity” for the Land of the Free,  and Home of the Brave.
  • Fiercely Protect Our Home Against ALL Enemies, Both Foreign & Domestic.
  • Support President Trump,  Who Valiantly Fights for America With Every Breath.

With the flying of our American flag… (this one simple action)… could probably be one of the most POWERFUL displays of a unified love for our country, that would cause the knees of our enemies to quake.

In the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave, No Words Needed ~ #Flags Out!

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