Government Over Reach In California by Gavin Newsom? It Continues to Worsen Every Day! ~ OPINION


Constitutional Rights Lost * Mandatory Masks * No Service to Disabled Who Can’t Wear a Mask * AND Debit/Credit Cards ONLY * No Cash When Paying at Check Out * Coin Shortage


The following is a personal observation, provided with data facts, logistics, time stamps, dates, and pictures for the public to fact check me.
A couple of days ago, I posted in our C-VINE Facebook News Group, a picture I personally took of a brand new burger place that had recently opened in Temecula. There was a sign prominently displayed that stated; “Cards Only ~ No Cash Accepted.”
I will not outline here why these actions are illegal and in reality, the beginning of a MUCH BIGGER problem evolving. I trust you will be able to discern enough on your own.
But, this isn’t the reason I am writing another warning blog.
I am documenting my simple, seemingly innocuous, benign journey… to wake people up to a Clear & Present Danger.

A Predator is Stealthily Stalking, Step by Step ~ and “We the People” Are the Meal

The movements are almost imperceptible. VERY subtle and slow. But, starting to pick up speed because the end is near.
Time is short.
It is happening at this very moment, and I’m attempting to teach how we ALL MUST IMMEDIATELY take simple, but critical action, before it is too late. These actions must come from each individual specifically, because each action has a cumulative effect for “We the People”.
Critical Thinking is necessary to read between the lines…
This last Monday on 7/13, California’s Governor Newsom closed down all “non-essential businesses” AGAIN.
Places like Walmart, Target, CostCo, Grocery chains, Fast Food Chains, are allowed to stay open. In other words… the BIG GUYS.
All other small businesses, Churches, Restaurants, Bars, Wineries, Parks, Card Rooms, Gyms, Hair or Nail Salons, Theaters etc,… had to close immediately on Monday without warning. . (Side Note); But apparently not the Casinos on Indian Reservations this 2and time around closure, or Governor Gavin Newsom’s personally owned Winery.
Newsom took this drastic action after reporting in his own words, “There is a dramatic spike in COVID – 19 cases, and we must get a handle on it”. He then proceeded to issue a “Mandatory Mask” Order to stop the spread of COVID.
I wonder if maybe not transporting COVID patients into the Temecula area from just north of the Mexican border on “Life Flights” to area hospitals would have gotten a better handle on it?
Supposedly, these patients were Americans from Mexico who came back over the border and placed in hospitals there, (as reported by multiple health care workers on duty at the time). San Diego hospitals were much closer to them AND had the space. Why Temecula, which is further north? But, I digress…
Forget about all the recent SCIENCE REPORTS that contain data, studies, plus licensed medical experts who say masks don’t work against COVID.
Or even, the recently graphed logistics, outlining verified COVID – 19 Deaths in each state? C-VINE provided this report and the source HERE for you to fact check. You decide if they are relevant:
All that doesn’t seem to matter, and the “Fear Porn” based on false data continues unabated. Hence, why I am posting here to add to my recent journey and rant.
This morning, (7/16), I visited a doctor and filled out all the necessary “New Patient” forms in a large Temecula, California Physicians Office. Today is only two days after the above post about the burger place and three days after the Newsom order.
Included in my stack of forms, was a COVID – 19 Screening.
I’ve circled a sentence in Red, of interest, after asking for an additional copy to post here.
The sentence says, (and quoting here exactly); “If a mask is provided to you, it does not prevent spreading of Coronavirus, but is effective against spreading of the flu”.
Ahem… a medical office in California, just called Newsom a liar by default, and illustrated his government over-reach in one little sentence on a medical, legal form.
LOL! Can it get anymore blatant?
By the way, I was not made to wear a mask in this office because they know I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing one. The staff wasn’t wearing masks when I walked in, but immediately put them on when seeing me at the front desk. There wasn’t any fear about a pandemic, just following Newsom’s order. The doctor also wore one when he saw me. Should the disclaimer on the COVID -19 Screening Form, and the actions of the Doctor’s office, spark some of your inherent critical thinking skills?  

But, my Day of Receiving a New Epiphany, Didn’t End There. NOPE.  More Was on the Way

I stopped at a Chevron Gas Station on the way home from the doctor, on the corner of Temecula Parkway and Margarita Rd. in order to fill my tank. 
After doing so… I hurriedly, proceeded to go inside to use the restroom after three cups of coffee.
I opened the door and went straight to the back, when a very loud voice yelled at me and said, “Ma’am, you can’t come in here without a mask!”
Picture of the Store at the Chevron Gas Station

Anticipating this possibility whenever I enter an establishment, I also carry my Physician’s Order, mandating that I medically cannot wear a mask. I loudly answered her back on the same Octave issued to me, the reason I couldn’t wear one, handed her the doctor order, and said; “I need to use the restroom” while turning back away.

She loudly repeated herself again while customer’s inside stopped and stared. I answered back that she could be reported for discrimination against a disabled person and receive an even heftier fine, than just not following Newsom’s order.
I was told by her, I needed to leave until I had on a mask. So, I pulled my shirt up over my mouth because I was ready to pee my pants.
“No Ma’am, a real mask.”
LOL! California says any covering will do, including a bandanna, which was the same material and thickness as my shirt.
But, I wasn’t in the position to argue with this “useful idiot” any longer. (term coined by Vladimer Lenin during WWI, when describing how he used people to further his Communist Agenda). So, I asked if she could provide me with a mask.
“No Ma’am, we don’t do that here”.
Okay, now it was actually getting funny.
Ugh, so I asked her name, (It said “Grace” on her shirt).
No answer.
Then I asked if I may have the phone number of the corporate office? She said, “it is posted all over”.
When I immediately couldn’t see what she was talking about because of my teeth floating… she pointed to the door and said, “You can see it there on the outside”.
So, I stepped out, found the phone number, and called on my cell phone, standing to the side.
As the phone was ringing, three separate people walked past me to enter, but couldn’t gain entrance. She had locked the store! LOL!
Oh brother. All for a little old lady who just had to pee.
It is amazing how sometimes the urge to pee goes away after a little bit. Maybe, it’s a fail-safe warning device God installed?
But, either way…I was now thoroughly pissed off, (so to speak), and ready to camp until I was done taking names, documenting times and dates, snapping pictures and reporting. I half expected the police to show up. They didn’t.
After reporting everything to Jennifer at the Chevron Customer Service Number posted on their front door, (855)285-9595, including how customer’s were locked out because of this… she asked if I could be put on hold, to talk to the store inside.
“Sure, go for it, and then ask if I can use the bathroom!”… Sheesh!
I was on hold for 10 minutes, when Jennifer in customer service came back on… she said the employee inside, didn’t know I had a medical condition. ***rolling my eyes***
I responded, “You do know there are camera’s all around me and that excuse from your employee can be easily debunked, right?”
“Yes, ma’am”
I asked Jennifer if I could show their employee my doctor’s note again… and when she lookED at it, could I THEN please use the bathroom? (It was now a matter of principle).
“No Ma’am, you cannot enter without a mask”.
Before I hung up, I mentioned to Jennifer, I wouldn’t be waiting to take this through the long drawn out legal system for such an innocuous, seemingly minor event. I have no need. I am simply going to make you and Chevron famous by putting you on the News tonight. I then repeated the website address so she could keep an eye out for it.
Folks, It’s NOT just a mask.
Digital Soldier please share this to bring awareness.
And, anyone who doesn’t want to become the predator’s meal, you know what you have to do.

~~~Linda Forsythe, C-VINE News