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GTMO ~ Will a New Plea Deal Make the 911 Tribunals Go Away?

July 30, 2022

Has the terrorist attack on 9/11 been buried under mountains of peripheral news sensationalism over the years, where it no longer is important?

The Pandemic and multiple other diversions seem to overshadow that fateful day. One rarely hears anything about it except maybe on the 9/11 anniversary.

It certainly doesn’t help with the on going pre-trial postponements for the last 20 years. In addition, the pre-trials are also buried in endless mundane details where they still haven’t gone to tribunal.

Earlier this year, I had reported my excitement in that the 9/11 trials were finally beginning again January 2022. This was after a multitude of postponements from the previous years because of the pandemic..

But, the January pre-trials were canceled again for the entire month.  The next scheduled round in February were also canceled. Then, there appeared to be a glimmer of hope in the first week of March 2022, where the pre-trials were to begin again and last until 3/26.

 But, before the scheduled first day could begin, the predictable happened. Additional postponements then happened, but this time in smaller increments:

* postponed to 3/9
* postponed to 3/10
* postponed to 3/11
* postponed to 3/21

Initially I was told the reason for the postponements were because one of the defense lawyers had a personal problem. But then “Closed Sessions” continued on in the meantime.

On 3/11, another development was released in that the REAL problem for all the case delays were because a Defense lawyer, (Cheryl Bormann), wanted to quit. Ms. Bormann had been the learned council on the KSM et al case for many years.

Now this could be a big problem!  Because if Cheryl Bormann chose to quit, all future trials will be postponed for months until they find a new replacement… and THEN that lawyer will need to familiarize themselves with a very complicated 20 year case of PRE-TRIALS.

What was the reason Ms. Bormann chose to quit?  Because of being notified she was under investigation by the Office of Military Commissions for a reason not divulged to the public.

The following is a quote from a New York Times Report Written by Carol Rosenberg on what this all means:

“It is ultimately up to the trial judge to decide whether the lawyer, Cheryl Bormann, or any defense lawyer can resign. If she is allowed to leave, the judge could be confronted with the conundrum of whether to slow or halt pretrial proceedings until her replacement is hired and brought up to speed. Ms. Bormann said that she could not ethically represent the prisoner while the investigation was underway and asked that hearings this month be canceled. Instead, the judge, Col. Matthew N. McCall, has postponed the start of the hearings until March 21.The judge gave lawyers and prosecutors until next week to file pleadings on whether he should release Ms. Bormann from the case.

After the learned counsel for another defendant, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, obtained permission to leave the case in 2020 because of a heart condition, the Pentagon took several months to hire, fund and obtain security clearances for the new lawyer, David I. Bruck. Mr. Bruck, one of the nation’s top capital defenders, said no five-person capital case had been tried to verdict in the modern history of the death penalty and asked for 30 months to prepare. The request was never ruled upon because the Guantánamo court was closed for more than 500 days because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Previous new counsel needed “30 months to prepare”? Another 2.5 years of potential delays before the 9/11 PRE-TRIALS could begin to resume?

((( Me throwing papers in the air)))

But wait, there’s more!

Award winning journalist Carol Rosenberg from The New York Times had left out one small critical detail in her many follow up reports since the January 2020 proceedings.

The small critical detail lacked any of the reasons Judge Shane Cohen (presiding judge of KSM et al at the time), was strongly considering dismissing the entire 9/11 case out of court.

The January 2020 procedings contained a laundry list of improprieties over the years (from the CIA/FBI during the case).  In fact, Judge Cohen’s declaration of having to make a very difficult decision about throwing the entire case out of court, came in the very last paragraph of the January 2020 Open proceeding transcripts.

These alleged government improprieties were brought out in court at that time by none other than… <<<drum roll>>> Cheryl Bormann and the Defense Team, which methodically laid out each offense.  Many of the improprieties are a matter of public record. Some of the transgressions were reported over the years or brought up in court. But for some reason, they seem to be continuously ignored or glossed over through the last 20 years without an investigation.

The January 2020 proceedings focused on bringing it all out and placed the entire conglomeration on record in one place.

So, after the January 2020 proceedings, Judge Cohen then decided quit (resign) two weeks later in February, stating concerns for his family’s welfare. This is the same Judge less than a year earlier in June 2019,  who had stated he had no plans to retire or transfer and wanted to stay on the case until completion during his Voir Dire.

Three weeks after Judge Cohen announced his February 2020 departure, GTMO shut down In March 2020 for 1.5 years to the bare minimum of essential personnel because of the pandemic that began at the end of January.

With all this being said… one has to wonder why in the 11th hour of when the KSM et al Pre-trials had been scheduled for quite some time, suddenly Cheryl Bormann is under investigation when the proceedings were to begin again in earnest. Was this an attempt to discredit the learned council because of her damning evidence provided against the government in January 2020? It does make one speculate.

Was Cheryl Bormann correct in wanting to quit? In my personal opinion, she was in a losing position either way. Whether or not her name was eventually cleared, it would color her credibility in the meantime.

Remember the new KSM et al Judge, Col. Matthew N. McCall ultimately had the final decision on whether or not to allow any Learned Council to quit or retire. Would he allow this very important Defense Attorney to quit after continuous pre-trial delays, cancels and reschedules?

He most certainly did allow it, and therefore the remaining scheduled proceedings remaining  were canceled, as well as the next two months.

In the meantime, there was never a single mention, update, or ruling on the damning January 2020 pre-trial. Not a single peep.  When Judge Cohen suddenly stepped down in February 2020, that issue was never brought up again.

As an important side note, Jim Kreindler, (the attorney for the victims and family members of 9/11) has been trying for the last 10 years to have the redacted name released of the Saudi official who may very well be the true main conspirator of 9/11 without success. Actually, Mr. Kreindler mentions in his video about 11 other Saudi Officials that were partially involved at various levels. None have been charged or detained.

Various MSM did come out with a sensationalized “leaked” name of a Saudi Official, but what they don’t mention is this official is way down on the totem pole of the list of importance. Nothing else was ever brought up again, because the main name in question is under seal.

I highly recommend at some point you take the time to listen to Jim Kreindler’s eye opening, and methodically laid out scenario about what is really going on with 9/11 in this link: https://c-vine.com/blog/gtmo-silent-running-part-2-saudi-arabias-role-in-911-why-u-s-government-kept-it-hidden/

We are now in the middle of July 2022, and the latest evolving story about how the Office of Military Commissions will remedy all of these delays and address the many unanswered questions, is deeply concerning.

The brilliant solution (sarcasm) is to construct a “plea deal”.

The Plea deal involves taking the Death Penalty off the table, if all of the KSM et al terrorists plead guilty to the murders of 9/11. They will then be repatriated back to their respective countries to finish out the new sentences of life in prison.

But wait!

What happens to that explosive statement Judge Cohen made back in January of 2020 where he was strongly considering throwing the entire 9/11 case out of court because of multiple improprieties from the government? (FBI and CIA).

What about the name and/or names of the Saudi Official/s who were the true orchestrators of 9/11?

Those are critical questions to be addressed!

ANSWER: When the Plea Deal is reached, everything else will be wiped off the table as irrelevant. No need to investigate past potential transgressions.

Case Closed

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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  1. Thank you Linda
    I too share an extreme frustration with all of this.
    Ms CR , as predicted , appears to be part of the spinning wheel of deception.
    Or controlled by editors..
    It is beyond coincidental, it is without o doubt in my mind all intentional of a big cover-up.

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