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Is Clinton being Tried in GTMO? ~ Office of Military Commissions Respond to C-VINE Question

Fake news in the past has placed names, dates and/or circumstances about alleged GTMO Tribunals, and named American Citizens being held there.  OMC will be directly addressing this, because misinformation has gotten out of hand.

April 13, 2021 ~ (Updated December 22, 2021)
By Linda Forsythe

Be aware that our C-VINE report today is not commenting one way or the other about any potential guilt or innocence of Hillary Clinton. This report purpose is only to set the record straight that Hillary is NOT being held or tried at GTMO.

A specific report in question,  was published by, “Real Raw News” with the title of, Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1“… and states in part;

“A military tribunal on Thursday morning convened at Guantanamo Bay to decide whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will be exonerated of charges including treason, conspiring with the enemy, destruction of government property, money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder, or if she will ultimately stand before a gallows or a firing squad.”

You can read the rest of the FALSE article here;


A quote from Ron Flesvig, (Office of Military Commissions) responds in part here to dispute the above report;

“Upon first glance, the article appears to be legitimate. The posting is professionally done, with author attribution.  However, for those familiar with the commissions, the multiple inaccuracies in the article quickly prove that this is disinformation”.

I have included a PDF of the entire OMC email from Ron Flesvig below, addressing this false report.  It includes the contact information of the OMC at the bottom. Contact them with any questions.

I personally have been receiving an abundance of inquiries about reports alleging various American Citizens being tried, held, or even prosecuted in GTMO. In some cases, individuals purportedly begging for their life or other theatrical stories.

Some News sources giving these false reports, are nothing more than “clickbait” or misguided information.  In other cases (such as the one mentioned below)… are purposely putting out false information.

The world is hungry for ANY information that will demonstrate Justice toward those who may be guilty of crimes. They are vulnerable and frustrated because much corruption appears to go unpunished, or even ignored. They are grasping at straws, looking for any hint that the rule of law is being applied.

In general, it appears that the term “GTMO” has become an inaccurate “be-all, end-all” buzzword for justice.  A proverbial dumping ground, for anyone who has allegedly committed crimes of treason,  or a multitude of transgressions.

Therefore,  some news agencies provide sensationalized headlines to provide what the public is desperate to hear.

This misinformation has taken on a life of its own, and is almost impossible to grab a handle on, once released and becomes viral.

Until now, the OMC has neither confirmed or denied any such stories, which hasn’t helped.

The Office of Military Commissions is now addressing these false news stories directly. They will no longer have Guantanamo Bay continue to be fodder for misinformation and the public will be witnessing what happens in du course.

For the purpose of this article, we will only be addressing one instance, and the OMC has sent me the e-mail below about it when I asked.

The attached video report, addresses additional information about HOW to tell what is misinformation having to do with GTMO.

If you have any questions about what or who is in GTMO, the OMC has a website that includes all information, including a calendar, judge rulings and transcripts from Tribunals held there at their website; https://www.mc.mil/home.aspx

In addition upon checking the OMC website, you will notice that ALL scheduled tribunals have been canceled (postponed) since March of last year, because of COVID in 2020. As of the date of this report, no new tribunal dates have been scheduled… but check back frequently as this will change without notice.

Here are two other “Spoiler Alerts” that will be addressed in detail within future C-VINE Reports;

“American Citizens CANNOT be detained, tried or prosecuted in GTMO”.

“All prisoners detained at ĢTMO, are al Qaeda “

If you see reports stating otherwise, you will now KNOW it is automatically FALSE.

Snagging American Citizens, and taking them out of the country to be held, tried, or prosecuted for ANY alleged crime, (especially in a military court), is not only unconstitutional, but would set a very dangerous precedent for you as an American Citizen.

Be sure to check back daily for additional news reports with source documentation on https://c-vine.com/

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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