December 8, 2020, Update: December 8, 2020

At some point in most of our lives, we have visited the Emergency Room, either by sympathy or by right. Any way one looks at it, it is no place anyone wants to be. 

Two-and-a-half years ago, I found myself by my husband’s side in the ER, embracing the heartache only a spouse can know. Never having spent a day in the hospital with the exception of the births of 8 of our 10 children, he was on the brink of death from a cancerous ruptured appendix, severe heart problems and a myriad of other health related issues.

The outcome looked grim. I was prepared for the worst but was praying for the best. 

As a little 8-year-old girl, my parents had recently moved our family to a new home.  The neighbor lady was a Red Cross nurse and missionary from World War II. Death was very real and too close to her line of work to be ignored. 

Her daughter, Barbara, and I quickly became best friends. 

One day, very soon after as we were walking to school, Barbara was telling me about her Sunday School class. The lesson her teacher gave talked about sin.

“What’s sin?” I asked. Incredulously she said… “You don’t know what sin is? Man, JoLynn, you don’t know anything!”   I was more inquisitive than offended.  All day at school, I pondered this new vocabulary word.

Later that afternoon, her mom explained to me that sin is what separates us from God, from knowing Him and from ultimately being able to live with Him in Heaven. “This is what having eternal life means,” she explained.

I decided then that I wanted this relationship with the Lord and to have eternal life with him, a decision I will never regret. I bowed my head, with my best friend by my side and through faith, gave my life to Jesus.

Her mom gave me a small bible, The Good News for Modern Man bible, and encouraged me to read parts of it every day. “God will speak to you and He will give you eternal life. Now you can live your life with His peace.” 

Little did I know the impact this lady’s words would have on me for the rest of my life.

“…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus..”
~Philipians 4:7


Holding my husband’s hand in the Intensive Care Unit 2-and-a-half years ago, I began to pray. I cannot explain the peace that washed over me. I should have been terribly afraid, but for some reason, I knew no matter the outcome, even if the Lord took him home, I would not be forsaken. 

This past Thursday, we found ourselves back in the ER. He was experiencing severe pain and heart problems. I leaned into my faith asking the Lord for healing…. and to calm me, however, my anxiety kept mounting. 

One beauty of this thing called Eternal Life, is that through the shed blood of Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit, we are connected through faith. My pain is your pain and yours is mine.

I sent Linda and Bonnie a text asking for prayer then walked out into the hall to compose myself.

Suddenly, the peace that passes all understanding enveloped me. A calm washed over me I cannot explain. I thanked the Lord and went back into my husband’s room. I checked my husband then checked my phone.

Linda’s reply: “Posted in the Prayer Brigade and already have a huge response.”  That was it!  In that exact moment when you all began praying, I felt your prayers. It was the Lord’s peace that passes all understanding which enveloped me through you.

Sometimes, the Lord heals instantly, sometimes He heals over time, and sometimes He chooses ultimate healing where pain and suffering exist no more. At this point, my husband’s healing is taking place over time, but he is healing.

We at C-VINE, are more than just a news network. Through differing topics and through different journalists whatever news we share, we share from our hearts. However, we could not continue without your love, prayers, support and belief in our mission. You are what makes us flourish.

The same God who heard your prayers for my family is the same God who hears our cries for our country. When we lean not on our own understanding and lean into his wisdom, even during these uncertain times, the peace that passes all understanding is at hand, ready to comfort, encourage, and empower those who believe. 

Today, the enemy is doing his best to chain the doors of our places of worship but he has no power over the prayers of the Saints. Masking us will never shut up the praises of His people.

Unmask your voice and praise His Holy name. Lift your voice to the Lord and give thanks, for He loves his children so much!

Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid.
~John 14:27b

Opinion: JoLynn Live, Contributor

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  1. What a moving testimony! I went through the same peace 11 years ago when a peace came over me just before going into surgery to remove a fist size brain tumor. That peace of the Holy Spirit filled me and if God wanted to take me home, I was ready. That feeling that cannot be explained is God’s love and presence. I also FELT others’ prayers. I will continue to pray for your husband and you. God bless!

    1. Oh my goodness… what a large tumor! Praise the Lord you are still with us. Isn’t it a comfort knowing our days are in His hands and because of this, fear of death is removed? God’s love is unexplainable, but what a comfort to know it is there, especially in times of trouble. Thank you for your prayers. They are making a difference. Thank you for your comment.

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